Tuesday, November 23, 2021

The Secret Lives of Fish #6: Fishing Cottage

The fishing cottage features a secure place to store a skiff. It also has a small bedroom and a fireplace. Perfect for those cool evenings after a long day on the water. The owner of the cottage, Gunnar Helgason, is alarmed by curious tracks left in the ground around the cottage. They are man-sized, but appear to be made by webbed feet. Gunnar knows that Sahuagin (<- click) once lurked in the waters nearby. He dearly hopes that these prints - if made by the loathsome fishmen - were made by a group that was simply passing through the area. If they have come to stay, things could very well get dangerous. Perhaps he needs to hire a few stout lads to look after the place when is away. Are you up for the job?


  1. I simply love your maps. Wonderful.

    1. Wow, the dates on this are all screwy. Also, where can I find this paper you drew the map on?

    2. I got it in iceland. I’ll go back and pick some more up. Gladly go back and get more! :)