Saturday, September 12, 2020

Paper Bandits

I quickly sketched some more paper minis while watching the first inning of the Dodgers vs. The Cheating Trashcan Bangers of Houston. From left to right we have Piotr, Igor, Stanislaw, Wiktor and Jakub. Yeah, strong Polish vibe. I left the back blank so that I could jot down their name, AC and hps. 

Piotr: Can burp the alphabet and likes making grown men cry. 

Igor: Loves to smash people in the face with his shield. Never met a cat he didn't like to kick.

Stanislaw: Used to shove old people to the ground just to hear people around him gasp in horror. Music to his ears, all that gasping and outrage.

Wiktor: Loves shooting people in the back. And in the front. Heck, he just loves filling people with arrows. 

Jakub: Has caught every social disease there is to catch. He collects them like freaky badges of honor. 

     This quintet have been waylaying farmers during the fall harvest. They are trying to gather enough stores for the winter (stealing is easier than working) and are on quite the tear. There is a reward for their heads, but everyone who has tried to collect it has either given up or ended up in a ditch.  

     Regarding that trash can banging...

Friday, September 11, 2020

Tentacles in the Mist

On Wednesday Matt of ran me through a brief adventure using Tiny Dungeons 2e. The system appears to be quite promising. It reminds me of Basic D&D reimagined with a hint of Fate Accelerated.

     Matt's setting drew upon Stephen King's The Mist for inspiration. My character was a reclamation expert who rappelled from a flying ship to pick through the ruins in areas where the mist had momentarily retreated. Much fun was had.

    Tonight I got to return the favor by hosting both Matt and Brutorz Bill of the Green Skeleton Gaming Guild.  We used Matt's setting and this time he got to play the role of explorer. Since we are learning the system, the encounters were fairly low key, but it was a very good time. Tiny Dungeons plays pretty fast and the rules facilitate play without getting in the way.

     We played via Zoom for 90 minutes, with a document camera for an overhead map view. The players each had a physical copy of the map on their ends with a grid, so we were able to move minis around fairly easily.

     I'm not sure if we will use this setting/characters again, but I sure hope we can keep on playing and trying out new rules and worlds. There's not tons to do here in LA these days, so brief forays into the imagination are very welcome.

     Below is my Tiny Dungeon hero from Matt's game. I like the mix of old school and new school aspects of the rules. For anyone who has played both 1e and 3x, there's lots to like and plenty of familiar territory.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Legends of Gath #52: Lights Out, Knives Out

It was pushing 120 on Sunday when the power went out. Within 10 minutes the sirens started roaring around town. Not gonna lie. I was totes jelly of my neighbor's generator. That thing mocked me for two blistering days. Oh well.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Cardboard Combat Village

I found some sheets of cardboard in the supply closet at school. Yesterday and today during my lunch break I experimented with some terrain. I will not paint this; I like the understated look. I think I will build a few more and have myself a nice cardboard combat village.

     In other news, here's the view from Gath Angeles.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Paper Skellie Boyz Are Fight!

I stare out the window a lot and say, "What I wouldn't give to play one last session with my old friends from San Diego." *sigh*

     Well, it occurs to me that I have people with whom I could game quite happily thanks to the wonders of Zoom, battle mats and other wondrous combinations of paper and technology. During our 30 hour power outage - on a day when it hit 113 no less - I scribbled and planned for a few sessions of Tiny Dungeons 2e.

     I have never played Tiny Dungeons, but there is a Fate Accelerated quality to it that might be worth checking out. Matt of, myself and Bill of the Green Skeleton Gaming Guild will be giving it a go this Friday at 5pm PST/8 EST for about 90 minutes. I am sending them battle mats and paper minis tomorrow. Teaching via Zoom has gotten me into the habit of trying to marry a tactile component to the digital delivery.

     Tiny Dungeons may be our jam and it may not be. I want to take hacks at all the Drive Thru RPG games I own but never play. Something good must come from this unholy mess that is life in CA during a pandemic and lots of Friday Night Firefights may be just the thing. (On the subject of nostalgia, "Friday Night Firefight" is what we called our casual, one off game sessions in high school.) Let me know if you have any kind of interest in joining in. :)

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Legends of Gath vol. 1

I have compiled the 51 installments of the Legends of Gath series into a handy dandy .pdf. It's a fun read, I think. I was going to mail them out as zines, but this is much faster and more concise. The link is > HERE <. I hope you enjoy it. There's a lot of material to wander through. 

     Many thanks to Matt Jackson for the keen cover. If you want to share the link, go for it. Free is good and I want people to have something fun to look at instead of the daily atrocity that is the "news."

     I understand if the religious content weirds people out. I have been studying the Old Testament and I could not but help draw comparisons to the brutality of modern times with the tumult of days when prophets walked the earth unleashing she bears on insolent Philistines. You can strip all those references out and the setting is still coherent I think. 

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Legends of Gath #51; One Got Wasted and the Other's a Waste

When I was 17 in the summer of 1988 I surfed all day, played D&D all night and was so happy to be alive in sunny San Diego. And now we have...this.

     Not sure about that jar of pickles. The hockey stick does 2d3 against skeletons.

     Speaking of playing, I want to start running Gathisodes on Roll20. No fantasy infused classes this time, just straight up human explorers with a machete and a 9mm with a few rounds in the mag. Very straightforward. 

     We will use White Box and it's various clones as a rule system. No PC death, by the way. You just get KOd and mugged if knocked to 0 hp. The scars you collect will tell a story. I will post some details next time, but these will be short, 30 minute sessions just to scratch the itch. Holler if interested.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Legends of Gath #50; Hey, baldy!

I'm glad installment 50 landed on one of my all time favorite verses. It's just so...odd. And oddly specific. Why two bears? (In one translation it's she bears.) Why 42 mauling victims? Baldy? As with many stories from La Biblia, it's likely not to be taken by the reader literally, but it does make me laugh at face value. In the Old Testament you ever knew when some salty prophet was going to order bears or lions to maul you. It kept the people on their toes, I guess. 

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Legends of Gath #49; Jezebel's Choking Hands


On Friday nights we have virtual Shabbat. The organizer was asking for people to speak at upcoming meetings. I was thinking about doing readings from the Book of Gath. Light the candles, sip the sparkling cider, eat the hallah and delight in the wonders of Gath. Perfect.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Legends of Gath #48; Chuggy Chili con Carne

I'm on page 283 of the Old Testament, hence the ravens feeding Elijah. Good stuff. Be sure to enjoy a can of Chuggy Chili con Carne today. Pow!