Sunday, November 21, 2021

The Secret Lives of Fish #4: Free Candy

Along Sunset Point in the Pacific Palisades is a drain pipe that comes down from the bluffs. One has to climb up the rocks to access the pipe and the "free candy" within. Wild rumors circulate among the surfers, fisherman and homeless as to exactly what lies deep in the storm drain. There is - of course - only one way to find out.

     For those brave - or stupid - enough to climb in, roll on the table below.

Free Candy
Roll 1d10

1. Tetanus shot: Lots of cuts and scrapes from broken glass. Better get some bactine. What a waste of time.

2. Free Candy: The stripper clown at the end of the tunnel offers a bag of Gummy Bears as well as other delights that require a shot of penicillin.

3. Loko Time: That can of Four Loko looks too good to resist. After chugging it, 1d6 days pass before the PC emerges. Caffeine, alcohol and sewage are a heck of a mix.

4. Needles: Needles. So many hypodermic needles. The intrepid explorer emerges covered in needles. He/she looks like a nightmare porcupine. 1d4+2 hit points of damage result.

5. Deep Wisdom: A severed chicken head, the victim of crazed cultists, levitates in the darkness. It whispers secrets dark and deep. The character's Wisdom increases by 1.

6. Magick Wax: For the lucky surfer who climbs into the muck tube, a magic bar of surf wax awaits. As long as this stick of wax lasts, the surfer who uses it on his board will enjoy perfect waves every session.

7. The Perfect Lure: A fishing lure glows softly in the dark. It will always catch at least one fish every time it is used. Like all lures, it is prone to being lost due to snags or faulty knot tying.

8. Fillet Knife: In the muck and mire lies a fillet knife that is crazy sharp. Not only does it fillet fish, it's effective at filleting humans. Treat it as a dagger that is +2 to hit and damage (1d4+2 damage).

     Surf fishing report from where the fish lead their secret lives. Enjoy!


  1. Replies
    1. Things get weird along Pacific Coast Highway...

    2. So that Kavinsky song "Pacific Coast Highway" was right?

    3. oh my gosh! listening to it right now! :)

  2. What adventurer can turn down free candy? It's Loko Time!

    1. It was either a Four Loko or a case of that creepy apple cider from your encounter!

  3. Replies
    1. Severed chicken head lore is the best lore!

  4. Nice series of posts. This one's my favorite so far. Could be a little 10-second mini-game all to itself.

    1. Thanks! I used to play Changeling: The Lost and in one of our chronicles drainage pipes like these were always the conduit to weird stuff. :)

  5. Replies
    1. I was down there today and there was a freak homeless dude under a tarp by the entrance. It looked like the freakiest NPC encounter. I bailed.