Saturday, October 20, 2012

He Rides with Speed and Purpose

Human Outrider, Uncommon, no. 22 of 44, Savage Encounters

Together, Henrik and his horse, Cobble, ride the stretch of road between Candlekeep and the village of Shipstern's Bluff. The residents of both settlements pool their resources to pay Henrik's 10 gp per month salary. Cobble is well compensated, too. His stabling and grooming are free and the children of both Candlekeep and Shipstern's Bluff ply him with all the carrots and apples he can eat.

     Henrik used to be an adventurer, which is a polite way of saying "sell-sword" and "tomb robber." Eventually, Henrik got tired of an itinerant lifestyle and became a road warden. By doing so, he is still able to have a bit of excitement and danger in his life, but he also enjoys a warm, clean place to sleep each night. Henrik has also been able to marry. His bride is a short, curvy woman named Adelle. Henrik really doesn't need the 10 gp salary as he has saved a modest fortune from his adventuring days, but his former career taught him that only a fool turns his back on easy coin. 

     Henrik's job as road warden is help lost travelers find their way, escort wagons and to run off the occasional bandits. Word of Henrik's ability to handle himself in a fight means that he rarely has to fight. Usually, his biggest problems come in the form of wandering monsters who haven't heard that to draw steel on Warden Henrik is to invite death. 

     Provided one is law-abiding and reasonable, they will find Henrik to be friendly and willing to share stories of his former career. He loves to hear other's stories and will spend hours - much to Adelle's chagrin - swapping lies. To those who are up to no good, Henrik is quick to anger and draws steel rather than listen to excuses. He rarely leaves wounded highwaymen alive, but does his best to conceal the bodies as such ugly business might upset the common folk. 

Henrik Hale, Male Human, Fighter 5; Armor Class: 6 (+1 ring mail, Dex bonus), Hit Dice: 5d10+10, Hit Points: 40, THAC0: 16 (14 with long sword), No. of Attacks: 3/2 (long sword),  Damage: 1d8+4 (long sword), Alignment: Chaotic Good, Move: 12

Strength: 16, Dexterity: 15, Constitution: 16, Intelligence: 10, Wisdom: 10, Charisma: 13

Saving Throws: Parlayzation, Poison, Death Magic: 11, Rod, Staff, Wand: 13, Petrification or Polymorph: 12, Breath Weapons: 13, Spell 14

Nonweapon Proficiencies: Landd-based riding, Hunting, Navigation, Survival

Equipment: +1 ring mail, +1 long sword, Potion of healing, signal horn, rations for 1 day, wineskin, 10 gp

Henrik and Cobble charge into battle


  1. I had thought about giving Cobble Horsehoes of the Zephyr so that he could run with increased speed and across water, even. Run, goblins, death is coming for you!

    I really like the Human Outrider mini. I picked it up today and am wishing that there was an unmounted version of the rider to go with it.

    On a related note, a few months ago I took some photos of Pathfinder Battles Minis. I think I will re-purpose those minis into posts similar to this one.

    Have a great night!

  2. That's an excellent character description. I think it suits the model very well.

  3. Hmm...Zanazaz's comment arrived to me via e-mail, but I am not finding it here. Hmmm...

    Here it is, anyway.

    "I bet Henrik has some great stories, and Cobble probably has a few stories of his own, if you can speak horse, of course."

    Perhaps when Noel (the young druidess of Shipstern's Bluff)levels up she can get the Speak with Animals spell and have a little chat with Cobble. :)