Sunday, October 21, 2012

Run, Humans!

Gargoyle, Rare, no. 24 of 40, Pathfinder Battles: Heroes and Monsters

Humans are funny. They have no wings. Why have legs, but no wings? No claws nor horns, either. Why? It must be a joke. So funny!

     The little humans waddle around, looking at their feet all day. When they do look up, they don't want to see us. They see statutes.

     They see us all right when we throw things at them, though. Then they yell and run and cry out and curse us. Their skin is so soft. Little bags of waddling meat.


     Sometimes we don't let them see us. We just drop a brick or roof tile on their little heads. They don't like that. Oh, how they yell. But sometimes they don't yell at all. They just fall down and bleed. Or die.

     So funny!

     The gargoyles that lurk in Baldur's Gate are a terrible nuisance. While they do not cause trouble during the day, they fearlessly venture forth at night. They delight in antagonizing people they find alone on the streets. Their torments range from simple scares to snatching lone figures off the ground and dropping them from great heights. Murder is extremely rare, but most every Baldurian has a story about a personal encounter with the winged menaces.

Gargoyle; Armor Class: 5, Hit Dice: 4+4, Hit Points: 24, THAC0: 15,  No. of Attacks: 4, Damage:1d3 (claw)/1d3 (claw)/1d6 (bite)/1d4 (horn), Alignment: Chaotic Evil, Move: 9, Fly 15, Special Defense: +1 or better weapon to hit, Morale: 11, XP Value: 420

     Gargoyles can make a swoop attack when flying, dropping down suddenly from the sky to make their attacks in an aerial ambush. In this case, they can make either two claw attacks or one horn attack. To make all four of their attacks, they must land.


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    1. He photographed really well. However, out of the box he's kind of meh.

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    2. The lighting is really good! I especially like his/her shadow on the wings.

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