Friday, October 19, 2012

She Doesn't Understand How She Knows the Things She Knows

Amanda Gregory has the ability to read the thoughts of others. She simply focuses intently on an individual and within a few moments, words and images begin to fill her mind. When she is finished scannng someone, she snaps a photo of them with her camera phone and jots down a few notes in her journal. When she returns home, she uploads the photo to her blog, as well as a description of the person’s thoughts and where she saw them. Because Tabitha is an aspiring screenwriter, readers of her blog assume she’s working on a new character idea for a movie. 

     Amanda has found that most people’s thoughts are consumed with rather mundane worries and concerns. However, every once in a while she reads a mind and finds something truly horrific. A few weeks ago, she read the thoughts of a man who had raped his date the previous night after she passed out from taking too much Ketamine at a party. Amanda went to the police and showed the man’s photo to them, but since she wasn’t able to explain how she knew he had committed a crime, she was turned away.

     Amanda wants to keep her ability secret for fear of embarrassment, but she also needs help. She wishes she could find someone who shared the same ability so that she could better understand it. Amanda also needs someone she can turn to in order to get help when she reads a criminal's mind.

     Adding to her anxiety are the occasional cryptic comments left on her blog. Someone has been leaving comments such as, "Somehow I don't think these character portraits are fictitious at all. Why don't you tell us how you really know these things?" Amanda is terribly worried that someone knows her secret and is stalking her for some unknown, sinister purpose.

Amanda Gregory (44 points)
SM 0 (5’ 4” tall, 102 lbs.);
ST 9 [-10], DX 11 [20], IQ 11 [20], HT 10;
HP 9, Will 11, Per 11, FP 10;
Basic Lift 16, Damage: Thr 1d-2/Sw 1d-1;
Basic Speed 5.25, Basic Move 5;
Dodge 8, Parry (see attacks), Block -;
DR 0.

Advantages and Perks
Attractive [4], Fashion Sense [5], Mind Reading [30].

Disadvantages and Quirks
Nosy [-1], Odious Personal Habit (takes candid photos of strangers) [-5], Secret (utter rejection) [-10], Skinny [-5], Wealth (struggling) [-10].

Computer Operation-11 [1], Driving (automobile)-11 [2], Writing-12 [4].

Punch-11, 1d-3 cr, Reach C, Parry 8.

 iPhone 4, MacBook Pro, 2007 Toyota Corolla.

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  1. Get in touch with me if you ever read the mind of another date-raping scumbag. I know some people who kill some people.

  2. Don't mind Ms. Drew, Amanda. She has some aggressive tendencies and problems with impulse control.

    1. Impulse control? That's funny coming from you, Reed. You pooped your pants the last time we met.

      Speaking of which. I visited your little friend at Cal Poly Pomona to retrieve our chasis. He was a pushover, too. What is it with you academics? Try hitting the gym now and again, ladies.