Friday, July 19, 2013

I want to live in Los Angeles - Not the one in Los Angeles; Frankie Martinez

Even if you can't stand hipsters, faux-hemians and fake nerds, you have to admit that Frankie is
endearing. Maybe she tries a bit too hard at the thrift store look, but it's a harmless pastime. One's age will probably influence their feelings regarding Frankie. An under-30 might find her to be fun, spontaneous and hip, while someone older might view her as just another carbon-copy, hipster Millennial.

     Frankie is from Woodland Hills out in the West Valley. Her mom is an elementary school teacher and her dad is a crisis counselor the Los Angeles Unified School District. As the only child of two educators, Frankie is smart, polite and interested in learning. If she has a fault, it's that this 24-year-old Cal State Northridge grad is kind of flaky and lacks direction at the moment. Then again, that pretty much sums up most twenty-somethings.
catrina doll

     Frankie joined the Thursday Night Fight Club (see Dave Staub) after a catrina (female, skeletal statuette seen during Dia de los Muertos festivities) spoke to her. The doll animated and said that her deceased grandmother was smiling upon her from the spirit world. Since then, Frankie has come into possession of an anchor that houses a cross-dressing ghost named Darren Brenner, who will be introduced in the next installment.

Frankie Martinez
cute, quasi-nerd curious about the spirit world

Characteristics and Rolls
Strength: 8                Effort: 40%
Constitution: 12        Stamina: 60%
Size: 10                    Damage Bonus: +0
Intelligence: 14        Idea: 70%
Power: 12                Luck: 60%
Dexterity: 12            Agility: 60%
Appearance: 15       Charisma: 75%
Education: 14           Knowledge: 70%

Hit Points: 11           Fatigue Points: 20
Major Wound: 6
Power Points: 12
XP Bonus: 7
Move: 10
Sanity: 60

Craft (sewing) 40%
Drive (car) 60%
Fast Talk 40%
First Aid 25%
Hide 30%
Insight 30%
Language (spanish) 60%
Knowledge (literature) 65%
Knowledge (occult) 10%
Research (books) 50%
Tech Skill (computer use) 40%

Fist: 25%, Damage: 1d3 crushing

Samsung Galaxy S3
2007 Toyota Corolla S
Grande cafe Mocha, light whip


  1. Agh, you're getting me thinking about BRP again. I don't need this distraction! ;)

    Also: CSUN and Woodland Hills REPRESENT.

    1. I knew you'd appreciate some love for the 818!

  2. Frankie! Can't wait to see you at the next meeting! :)