Saturday, July 20, 2013

I want to live in Los Angeles - Not the one in Los Angeles; Darren Brenner

darren's outfit at the time of his death
Darren Brenner was a successful Malibu-based real estate agent before his death in 2008. He had a great house with an ocean view, trophy wife and two over-achieving kids. Outwardly, David was conservative and in control. Inwardly, he loved to engage in kink.

     Darren, a good-looking guy in his late 30s, loved to crossdress but his wife was appalled. Unable to fulfill his fantasies with her, Darren would often dress up and drive through Mailbu Canyon or along Kanan Road in sundress, hat, pumps and accessories. One day while powdering his nose, he failed to notice a tight curve and drove his BMW off the road and died horribly.

     Darren's ghost is anchored to a cute, butterfly-inspired Chanel clutch. Frankie Martinez found it in a thrift store and soon realized that it housed Darren's spirit.

     Due to the circumstance of Darren's death, his spirit cannot pass on until every living member of his family eventually passes away, taking the secret of Darren's shame with them to the grave.
darren's anchor
     When Darren's ghost materializes, a SAN check will be required but any terror will quickly fade as onlookers realize that the spirit is a man in womens clothing. Granted, Darren is a very attractive woman and rocks his wedge heels quite well, but still...

     Darren is contrite and bears his shame well, mindful of the embarrassment he caused his family. He is willing to share what he knows about ghosts with investigators. Afterward, an experience check is in order (BRP rulebook p. 182-183) for the Knowledge (Occult) skill.

Darren Brenner
crossdressing ghost patiently doing his time

Characteristics and Rolls
Intelligence: 14        Idea: 70%
Power: 14                Luck: 70%
Appearance: 14       Charisma: 70%
Education: 13           Knowledge: 65%

Move: 14 (Darren cannot yet fly and must walk or run)

Bargain 60%
Insight 60%
Fast talk 65%
Knowledge (Real Estate) 75%
Persuade 70%

Darren's Power vs. target's Power on the Resistance Table for 1d3 Power loss

When Darren manifests, he will do so slowly and gently so as to minimize the inevitable SAN loss. The initial loss will be 1d4 on a failed check and just 1 point on a successful roll. Due to Darren's benign nature, the Sanity check only has to be made on his first manifestation.


  1. Hey, Frankie. Can you tell Darren thanks for coming out to the Fight Club. That was SO cool!