Monday, October 29, 2012

Iron Rations Part II

Devon Ashwood stood motionless.


     They had been tracking the ogre for two days and finally located him in some rocky hills. The creature had been waylaying travelers and a modest bounty had been posted. The coin was not as important as the thrill of the hunt, but now that the quarry was at hand, Devon was having second thoughts.

     The ogre towered above him, saliva dripping from a mouth full of rotten teeth. The filthy rags covering its body emanated a revolting stench that caused Devon’s eyes to water. Nearby, Abel lay sprawled on the ground, unconscious after sustaining a savage blow from the ogre’s club. Devon wondered if the human was dead. He certainly looked that way.

     “Aithne, help me! I can’t do this!”

     Aithne, looking rather amused at Devon’s plight, coached, “Do your best, young warrior. This is the type of danger and excitement you were looking for, correct?”

     “No!” screamed Devon. “HELP ME!”

     Aithne let out a deep sigh. “Very well. I will aid you, but you are in my debt.”

     Aithne stepped forward, a look of determination in her eyes, magical energy electrifying the air around her…

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