Thursday, November 25, 2021

The Secret Lives of Fish #8: Flowers for the Dead

A tribute I saw on the beach this morning. 

It is a common tradition for people to leave flowers at the beach for loved ones they have lost. In most cases the flowers wash out to sea with the mourners’ tears and that’s the end of it. Sometimes, though, that’s just the beginning.

     If the person who passed was deeply associated with the ocean, then part of their spirit will be tethered to the wind and waves. If the person mourning their loss has a good and decent heart, then the leaving of flowers acts as an important - and magical - ritual. On the night of the full moon the living can go to the water’s edge and see their lost love’s face reflected on the moonlit waves and hear their voice dancing on the sea spray. A few brief phrases of communication are even possible. 

     The sea also holds wicked spirits, so beware. Those malevolent forces also wait for people to come to the edge of the ocean to speak to the departed. If the the living are of wicked disposition and never truly loved the deceased, an evil spirit might pose as them. The spirit will whisper and cajole and manipulate all in an attempt to sew ruin. In some cases, the spirit might entice the living to swim into the water where they can be drowned for fun. 

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