Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Legends of Gath #59: Election Night in Gath

 Well, here we are. Good luck out there, everyone. Businesses are being boarded up here in Los Angeles as we brace for turmoil. Let's all hope and pray people can remain calm regardless of the electoral outcome. 

     If you ever want to play through some of these scenarios, I suggest the following kind of character built off the usual retroclone idea:

Wasteland Explorer
Alignment: Lawful or Neutral
Armor Class 13 (leather jacket +2, Dex bonus +1)
Hit Dice 2
Hit Points 14 (Con bonus of +1 per hit die)
Move 30' (5 squares per round, 10 if running)
Save as: Fighter level 2
Attacks as: Fighter level 2 
     Machete: +2 to hit (strength bonus), 1d6+2 to damage
     9mm pistol: +1 to hit (Dex bonus), RoF 3, 1d6 damage, 12 rounds currently in magazine
Gear: Backpack with 1 gallon purified water, rations for 5 days, knife (1d4 damage), sleeping bag, razor, toothbrush, first aid kit (heals 1d4 points of damage)
Special Abilities: Cut Down the Vermin Like Wheat: If a foe is killed with a melee attack, you get a free attack on another foe provided he is in a square adjacent to the enemy just slain. 


  1. “Electoral skeletons.” You are so awesome.
    ; )

    Good luck, man.

    1. The electoral skeletons just texted me with their bony little fingers. They have stopped fighting and are busy recounting ballots. They said they should be done in time for the 2024 election.