Saturday, May 30, 2020

Legends of Gath #37; Wheelbarrow Full of Cash

Well, it's about 2:30 pm here. In just a few hours people should be flooding the streets for a second night of Live Action Gath. I finished the book of Judges last night. It was a story of ultra-violence and fratricide in an era of no moral leadership. Some guy's wife was raped to death, chopped into 12 pieces and mailed to each tribe of Israel. I woke up with a headache. 

     I kind of feel for the skeleton in this installment. Dude just wants a cold one and some beef jerky. Maybe he'd watch a baseball game and go to bed peaceful and content. Oh well. 


  1. Hidden beneath the debris a sign of hope shines as I see the Baal Brew sign half scorched laying on the floor. The Great Imbiber provides. I lift the sign and beneath an untouched cube of Old Milwaukee Light. A chuckle as the Great Imbiber has a sense of humor. I heft the weight only to find beneath it a sealed bag of Jack Links Beef Jerky Teriyaki. What a divine gift.

    The clattering of someone moving through debris comes from outside. I see a skeleton pushing a wheelbarrow of money. The wads of money fall off the sides and blow away in the wind. It is funny to believe that the most powerful of gods has fallen into obscurity and uselessness. The skeleton sees me and pushes the wheelbarrow next to me and points at the cube of beer. Of course.

    I nod and clear off a large chunk of concrete and offer him to sit. I open up the cube and offer him the first can. It sits. I sit. I take the second can out. We both hold them up for a few seconds in a silent salute to what we are about to receive. And we drink. While the act for the skeleton was symbolic it was enough. I saw what was once a man find some peace in the act. His shoulder's slumped just a little and his head hung lower. He took another drink, and the bones fell away until the can hit the ground. Gone to a better place. I said a little prayer under my breath that the Great Imbiber take good care of this one. He'd waited a long time to join the Great Imbiber.

    1. That's the beauty of the Great Imbibers holy men: they help everyone get where they need to be. :)