Friday, November 19, 2021

The Secret Lives of Fish #2: The Wild Eyed Cultists of Pacific Palisades

I can't stand finding this kind of thing in the morning. So disgusting!

The beach below Castellammare Street in Pacific Palisades is a veritable freak fest. Besides the carnivorous sand crabs, there are lots of homeless encampments, angry drivers and loads of trash. All of these unpleasant things sit just below multi-million dollar homes. The current state of affairs is rather sad for a stretch of beach that was once the finish line to the Olympic road race in 1932.
The beach is lousy with fruit offerings.

     A rather ugly practice going on late at night is the sacrifice of chickens and offerings of fruit and incense for some unknown - but certainly malevolent - purpose. It's not uncommon to find fruit and headless poultry strewn about the beach in the early hours.

     The perpetrators have never been apprehended and to be honest, local police are not all that interested in investigating. The massive growth of the homeless population along Pacific Coast Highway is keeping law enforcement quite busy.

     Were one to stumble upon one of these wicked celebration late at night, the statistics of the perpetrators might be as follows:

Wild Eyed Cultists: No. Appearing 1d4+4, Armor Class 10, Hit Dice 1d8, Hit Points 5, Attacks 1, Damage 1d4 (knife), Move 30', XP Value 50, Treasure d20 dollars in purse of wallet, cell phone, credit card, jewelry worth d100 dollars.

Cult Leader: Armor Class 12 (Dex bonus), Hit Dice 2d8, Hit Points 9, Attacks 3, Damage 1d6 (9mm pistol), Move 30,' Special: Can cast Cause Light Wounds, Curse and Purify Food and Drink, XP Value 250, Treasure: 2d20 dollars, cell phone, credit card and 2d100 dollars in jewelry. 

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