Friday, June 16, 2017

The Wasteland of Gath; The Bus (Dorinda); White Box

Dorinda, a halfling thief played by talented cartographer +mattjackson, was first to set out upon the road through the blasted wasteland of Gath. We employed the White Box rules from Seattle Hill Games. With Dorinda was Kerg, a disgraced lecher purged from his ancestral home of Ashabenford. The two rogues hit it off immediately, pledging not steal from one another.

     Soon, the pair came upon a ruined metal hulk once used as a conveyance by an older, reckless society. "You maniacs! You blew it all up!" They approached with caution as they could hear a rattling of chains coming from the front of the vehicle.

    They were correct to show caution because two skeletons emerged from the front of the bus. When alive, their names were Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose. They were clad in orange jumpsuits and swung their chains and shackles like flails. Dori won initiative. Kerg fired his light crossbow and immediately slew a skeleton. He rolled a 20, so I ruled that the skeleton's chain entangled the other skeleton, resulting in a -2 penalty to AC and to hit rolls.

     Dori rushed forward and smashed the remaining skeleton, rolling a 14 to hit and inflicting 4 points of damage. It shattered!

     They searched the area and found a skull with 2 gold ingots embedded within. (In modern day Mozambique, bald men have been ritually killed because witch doctors believe their heads contain gold. LINK) A search of the bus followed and within were ten more skeletons, still shackeled to their seats. They writhed and jerked, but could not get free. Dori climbed atop the bus while Kerh provided cover. With her spear she smashed them to pieces. On the bodies of two guards the rogues found two gold wedding bands worth 20 gp each.

     The skeletons were spread out on the road, Dori taking the extra step of arranging them in an enigmatic pattern designed to instill fear and wonder. As they fell asleep looking at the stars (they decided to camp in the bus) Kerg mused, "This is the beginning of a wonderful friendship."

XP for Dori: 60 from slain skeletons + 40 from treasure = 100.
Treasure: 1 gold ingot worth 20 gp and 1 gold ring also worth 20 gp.

Dorinda split treasure equally with Kerg and she is female, so the next Loyalty check will be at +2.

Dori's Melee Stats
No. of Attacks: 1
Hits: 1
Misses: 0
Hit Percentage: 100%
Damage Inflicted: 4
Average Damage per Hit: 4
Kills: 1
Average Kills per Hit: 1
Initiative Rolls: 1
Result(s): 5
Average Initiative Roll: 5
Damage Sustained: 0

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