Friday, July 11, 2014

[Savage Worlds] Spider Billy

All new arrivals find themselves standing in the middle of a two-lane highway with thick woods on each side. It's dark and bitterly cold. Lurking nearby is a rotten little fiend the locals call Spider Billy. He makes his home in a miserable little shack cobbled together from sheets of metal siding and wood pallets. When he hears someone out on the road, he rushes out to give chase.

     Spider Billy appears to be about 13 or 14 years of age. His has freakishly long arms and legs. His eyes are black and he's covered in filth. His greasy hair is about shoulder length and he grins maniacally with a mouth full of jagged teeth. His appearance is extremely unsettling, so a Fear check (Spirit roll) is in order. See page 97 of the SW Deluxe Explorer's Edition.

     Billy carries a broomstick topped with a jagged blade. He loves to skitter after new arrivals, poking and prodding them with sadistic glee.There's no reasoning with Billy. He's out of his damned mind so it's fight or flight. Please note that an encounter with Billy need not be lethal. He has no reason to fight to the death. Billy simply loves to terrify and will quickly retreat - or not engage at all - when faced with superior foes.

spindly little freak

Agility d8
Smarts d4
Spirit d4
Strength d6
Vigor d8

Derived Statistics
Pace 8"
Parry 6
Toughness 6
Charisma -4

Edges and Hindrances
Edges: Fleet-footed
Hindrances:  Mean (m), Ugly (m)

Climbing d8, Fighting d8, Intimidation d6, Stealth d10

Bayonet (Strength + d6)/Parry +1/Reach 1-2


  1. I made a PC to fight Spider Billy!

    Richard o' the Woods

    Attributes [5 + 2 pts from Major Hindrance]
    [1+MH] AGL d8
    [1] SMA d6
    [1] SPI d6
    [1] STR d6
    [1] VIG d6

    Pace 6
    Parry 7 (1)
    Toughness 6 (1)
    Charisma -1

    Edges: [1 free + 2 pts from 2 minor hindrances]

    Heroic (M), Quirk (m, colorful swearing), Loyal (m)

    Skills: [15]
    Fighting d8 [3], Survival d8+2 [4], Tracking d8+2 [4], Stealth d4+2 [1], Taunt d6 [2], Notice d4 [1]

    Leather Armor (Armor 1), Shield (+1 to Parry), Short Sword (d6+d6), Dagger (d6+d4), Short Bow (2d6), wilderness gear

  2. I ran a combat of PC Richard vs. NPC Spider Billy using Roll20:

    Assuming both have weapons at the ready and they are within striking distance.

    Round 1: Richard draws a 7 Diamonds, Spider Billy draws a Jack Diamonds

    Spider Billy makes a straightforward jab with his spear, rolling a 2 on the Fighting d8 and 3 on the Wild Die. Taking the highest value, a 3, that's a miss!

    Richard pretends to fumble his sword skill (trying out a Smarts Trick), rolling a 6, 6, and 3, 15 total (the roll Aced twice, getting a 6, so allowing another roll and adding it all together), on his Smarts d6 and a 5 on his Wild Die, so taking the highest value, Richard got a 15.

    Spider Billy rolls his Smarts, getting a 4, 4, and 3, 11 total, on his Smarts d4 (amazing roll) and a 6 and 3, 9 total, on his Wild Die, and uses the highest value 11.

    Richard's Trick worked and with a Raise (4 above his opponents roll), so Spider Billy is distracted, at a -2 from his parry and is Shaken.

  3. Round 2: Richard draws a King Spades, Spider Billy draws a Queen Hearts.

    Richard, wanting this fight to be over quickly, attacks with a Wild Attack (+2 to hit and damage, -2 to Parry), rolling a 5 on the Fighting d8 and a 6 and 3, 9 total, on the Wild Die. With the Wild Attack, Richard scores an 11, overcoming Spider Billy's Parry of 5 (6 for Fighting and +1 for spear, -2 from the Smarts Trick), resulting in a Raise, adding +1d6 to his damage roll.

    The damage roll is Richard's STR d6 + short sword d6 + attack Raise d6. He rolls a 6 and 4, 10 total, for the STR die, a 3 for the short sword die and a 1 for the attack Raise die, for a total of 14 +2 for the Wild Attack = 16 damage!

    Since Spider Billy is already Shaken, he gets a Wound at his Toughness of 6, a second Wound at 10 and a third Wound at 14. The remaining 2 points of damage do no other affect.

    Spider Billy is pretty badly hurt now, Shaken with 3 Wounds. So the GM spends a Bennie for a Soak Roll, rolling a 6 on the Vigor d8 and a 5 on the Wild Die, taking the highest value, a 6. That's good enough to Soak one Wound, but Spider Billy is still Shaken with 2 Wounds.

    He tries to recover from being Shaken and rolls a 2 on his Spirit d4 and a 6 and a 1, 7 total, on his Wild Die. Since Spider Billy has 2 Wounds, we subtract 2 from his rolls, resulting in a 5, enough to remove the Shaken condition but he can't act this turn.

    Richard's -2 to Parry expires, so his Parry is back to 7.

  4. Round 3: Richard draws a 4 Spades, but because he has Quick, he re-draws and gets a King Clubs. Spider Billy draws a 6 Hearts.

    Richard presses his advantage with another Wild Attack! He rolls a 2 on the Fighting d8 and a 1 on the Wild Die. Richard's player spends a Bennie to re-roll and scores a 7 on the Fighting d8 and a 4 on the Wild Die. With the +2 to attack, his total is a 9. Not good enough to get an additional d6 of damage.

    His damage roll is a 4 for the STR d6 and a 5 for the short sword d6, +2 for the Wild Attack, totals 11. Spider Billy is Shaken at 6 and gains another Wound at 10. The remaining 1 point of damage has no other affect.

    Spider Billy is in really bad shape, back to Shaken and now at 3 Wounds. The GM uses Spider Billy's last Bennie to Soak, but because he already had two Wounds and tried to Soak on them and failed, he can only Soak this one Wound. He rolls a 5 on his Vigor d6 and a 5 on the Wild Die, for a total of 5. Enough to Soak that one Wound and remove the Shaken condition that came with it.

    Spider Billy attacks, knowing that it's pretty close to the end. The GM chooses Wild Attack, too, hoping that the +2 to attack - 2 from Wounds will balance out and he'll be able to score some decent damage on Richard.

    He rolls a 6 on his FIghting d8 and a 3 on the Wild Die, totaling 6 +2 -2 = 6, which beats Richards Parry of 7-2 = 5. The GM rolls a 1 on the STR d6 and a 4 on the Spear d6, for a total of 5 +2 = 7 damage. Richard's Toughness is 6, so he is Shaken.

  5. Round 4: Richard gets an Ace Hearts and Spider Billy gets a 10 Spades. Richard wins initiative again!

    Richard rolls against his Spirit d6 to recover from Shaken and gets a 2 on the Spirit d6 and a 6 and a 5, 11 total, on the Wild Die. His Shaken condition is removed and since he got a Raise, he can act!

    Knowing he's got Two Bennies left to use, Richard's player decides to go for a Called Shot to the head. THat's at a -4 to hit. He rolls a 4 on the Fighting d8 and a 3 on the Wild Die. Miss!

    Richard's player spends a Bennie and re-rolls, getting a 8 and a 3, total 11, on the Fighting d8 and a 4 on the Wild Die. 11 -4 for the Called Shot is a 7, just enough to get past Spider Billy's Parry.

    The damage roll is a 6, 6 and 5, total 17, for the STR d6 and a 4 for the short sword d6, for a total of 21 +4 damage for the Called Shot to the head = 25 damage!

    Spider Billy is Shaken at 6, receives his third Wound at 10 and at 14 is Incapacitated. The GM makes an immediate Vigor roll, getting a 5 on the Vigor d8 and a 6 and 2 on the Wild Die, for a total of 8. Spider Billy's Incapacitation is rolled on the Injury Table and go away after all Wounds are healed.

    A roll on the Injury Table is superfluous since the final attack was aimed at the head, so the GM rules that Spider Billy has damage to one of his eyes (since looking over the possible damage, he's already Ugly and dumb as a stump).

    Spider Billy crumples to the ground, defeated. Since Richard is Heroic, he gains a Bennie for simply walking away from his defeated foe, rather than sticking him to make sure he's dead.

    Will they meet again? Who knows…….

    1. Spider Billy goes down! Wow! What a great melee. I love the detail you provided! Much better than the sample melee in the actual rulebook. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. :)