Monday, September 2, 2013

Oh. My. Garage. You guys are SO dumb!

"Oh. My. Garage. You guys are SO dumb!"
     -Barbara Schwartz

Barbara Schwartz is a frequent pest in our "I want to live in Los Angeles - Not the one in Los Angeles" chronicle. She's young (twelve or thirteen-years-old), obscenely wealthy and appears to have an impressive talent for magic. She's latched on to the investigators because they are about the only people in the city willing to put up with her.

     She's never without her manny, Anthony, who drives her around and smooths over the problems she causes. Barbara is largely on her own as her parents, who recently divorced, are busy with their own lives and businesses.

tween sorcerer

High Concept: Every dummy in this stupid city is going to know my name.
Trouble: People think I'm just an annoying kid.
Other Aspects: My manny will shoot you in the face!; I know a lot about scary stuff.; My trust fund is crazy big.

Careful: +3, Clever: +2, Flashy: +1, Forceful: +0, Quick: +2, Sneaky: +1

Summon Lesser Avatar of Shuddde Me'll
     Because I can Summon Lesser Avatar of Shuddde Me'll, once per day I can summon a frightening tentacle from the earth to do my bidding for one scene.

Summon Lesser Spawn of Shudde M'ell
     Because I can Summon Lesser Spawn of Shudde M'ell, once per day I can summon a freakish monster to do my bidding for one scene.

I'm Loaded
     Because I'm Loaded, I get a +2 when I Cleverly try to create an advantage.

STRESS: [_][_][_]

Mild (2):
Moderate (4):
Severe (6):


Current FATE Points: 3

Anthony is Barbara's manny/bodyguard. He is an easy-going, good-looking guy in his mid-twenties. Anthony enjoys his work, seeing Barbara as the kid sister he never had. He and Barbara often make funny videos of all the weird stuff they encounter. Contrary to Barbara's wishes, he never shoots anyone at her request and always tries to smooth the feathers she ruffles with her angry outbursts.

     Anthony cannot talk at the moment. Barbara tried to add a magical element to the NDA she had him sign as part of his employment. Ideally, it would have prohibited him from speaking about his time with her to others. Instead, the spell didn't go so well and now he's mute for the next six months or so. It's okay, though. Barbara's dad bought him a Mercedes Benz G-Class for compensation.

Easy-going manny to a tween sorcerer

Great (+4) at: Making funny Vine videos
Good (+3) at: Driving, bribery, cooking
Fair (+2) at: Shooting, hiding
Terrible (-2) at: Hand to hand combat, relationships

     Anthony carries an S&W Bodyguard 380, so he gets an extra shift when he attacks with it.

Stress: [_][_]


  1. Ha, a Benz for silence. I like this couple. Nice work Christian.

    1. Thanks, Tim! One of the characters in the game owns a comic book shop. As a nod to you and Ivy, Anthony the manny always shows up on Wednesdays to see if there are any new Wonder Woman comics.

      Sadly for him, Barbara always rolls her eyes and says, "Oh, Anthony, you pervert. Why don't you get a real girlfriend? Oh, that's right. You can't talk. Ha! Oh, don't sulk. My dad bought you a $125,000.00 Mercedes."

    2. Just as long as Wonder Woman isn't wearing blue boots in the comic we should be safe.

  2. Dammit Christian, you're gonna get me taking a serious look at FATE if you keep posting these cool characters. :-/

    1. I think you would really like it. From playing Pendragon you are already used to a non-standard game design, so FAE might not be a big paradigm shift. For the record, FATE Core was impossible for me to understand. I needed a "dumb downed" version (Fate Accelerated) for the pieces to finally fall into place.

      The .pdf is free and a print copy is $5, so you should check it out. :)

    2. Ugh, I know, I know. I'm just trying to limit myself in new systems these days. But I'll probably kick myself if I don't at least give FAE a look.

    3. It's worth a gander. I like how with aspects and approaches you completely sidestep skills, classes, etc. It takes a bit of negotiation and feeling your way through, though.

      GM: The door is locked.
      PC #1: I pick the lock!
      GM: How?
      PC #1: Well, I am not a locksmith or anything, so how about I use my Forceful approach to smash it?
      GM: Okay, roll.
      PC #2: Whoa! Stop! My character's high concept is "Former criminal trying to redeem himself." I bet I know a thing or two about locks. I use my Careful approach to study the lock, then go to work on it with a paper clip.
      GM: Okay, roll. You will need to do a Good job, so you need three shifts to pull it off in light of the limited tools at your disposal.