Friday, July 26, 2013

Planescape: Hopeless

Hopeless is a gate town on the Outlands. It has been built with a peculiar, spiral shape. At its heart is a large pool of gray sludge. Into this pool wade petitioners and those who have completely lost hope. Those who enter the muck emerge on the Gray Wastes, the Neutral Evil plane dominated by night hags and yugoloths.

     Hopeless is a gloomy, miserable place. No birds sing, there is no laughter, and one finds only sadness and despair. Night hags herd poor sods around the spiral, eager to trade them with their sisters beyond the gate.

     Few willingly travel to Hopeless, but there are a curious - or desperate - few who do. What they find there is anyone's guess and most people who enter Hopeless never return.  They are inexorably pulled towards the end of the spiral and are lost forever.


  1. I'll bet the bathroom is all the at the end. That's how they get them.

  2. Oh my God that is so funny! :)