Thursday, July 25, 2013

Freecity of Haldane: Kallas the Shameless

"Baseless lies," he says. 
“It’s not polite to stare at a man when he’s doing his business.” 
     Kallas, as he urinates in the street

Wanted for various crimes, some violent, Kallas the Shameless is rumored to be hiding out in a rather filthy brothel called The Laundry.

     Kallas has been described as being tall, with long, greasy hair and a rather serious face. Kallas prefers to wield a shortsword as it is easily concealed. It is fairly well-known that Kallas enjoys the company of prostitutes and often urinates in public, which he feels adds to his roguish reputation

     The church of Risa the Bountiful is offering an impressive 500 gold piece reward for his capture. It is alleged that he used a potion of Charm Person to lure an impressionable, yet highly regarded, acolyte of the church into a night of debauchery. Church officials are understandably upset and want the fiend brought to them for justice.

     Via intermediaries, Kallas has insisted that he would never waste a magical potion on a love conquest and that - in fact - the young cleric spent an unforgettable night with him willingly. No one outside the church has been able to speak to the cleric regarding the veracity of this defense.

     This fact has fueled speculation that perhaps the 500 gp reward is meant to appear as if a great wrong has been committed when - in fact - the church is merely trying to save face. Only time - or a Detect Lie spell - will tell if Kallas is a foul debaser of clerics or the victim of a smear campaign designed to cover up a youthful indiscretion.

Kallas the Shameless; Level 3 Fighter; Str 16 (+2 to hit and dam), Dex 12, Con 13 (+1 hit point), Int 9, Wis 9, Cha 9; Armor Class 11 (+1 Cloak of Protection); Hit Points 18; Atk 1; THAC0 16; Dam 1d6+2 (short sword); Move 30’; Alignment Chaotic; Treasure: 1 x 50 gp gem, Potion of Charm Person, 30 gp; XP Value 50.


  1. Very nice. Is that a picture of Francois Villon?

    1. You know, I'm not really sure. I did an image search for something like, "surly drunk woodcut" and this came up.

    2. LOL Nice, gotta love internet search engines.

      More NPCs please, yours are always awesome.

    3. Right on, Matt! Thanks. :)

  2. Is the Freecity of Haldane still available anywhere? I wanted to recommend it to someone on Google+ and googling for it just turns up dead links.

    1. Hey Christopher,
      It's not online now, but in a few months I should have all of the articles that comprised city posted here along with a new map. :)