Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I want to live in Los Angeles - Not the one in Los Angeles; Spybot Mk. II

drawing of the rogue spybot by a child
who witnessed its rampage
The  Spybot Mk. II is a state of the art surveillance chassis. Autonomous, stealthy and equipped with an impressive sensor suite, the Spybot Mk. II is an ideal addition to government, corporate or private security system.

     While an early model suffered from a programming flaw that caused it to behave erratically, current Spybots are reliable and effective. Other than a daily recharging of its battery, the Spybot requires little in the way of maintenance.

     The Spybot can transmit all audio and visual data via wireless modem or satellite link in real time. While designed to function independently, it can be overridden and operated as a drone.

Spybot Mk. II
surly, sentient robot escapee

Characteristics and Rolls 
Strength: 5              Damage Bonus: -1d6
Constitution: 5
Size: 3
Intelligence: 17        Idea: 85%
Power: 12               Luck: 60%
Dexterity: 14           Agility: 70%

Hit Points: 4
Armor: 1 point plating
Power Points: 12*
Move: 6

*The Spybot uses1 power point/hour of operation. He can plug into an electrical outlet and regain 6 power points/hour.

Brawl 60%
Hide 70%
Listen 90%
Navigate 90%
Spot 85%
Stealth 75%
Technical Skill (Computer Use) 95%
Technical Skill (Electronic Security) 90%

Armor (1 pt.)
Resistance (metabolic hazards)
Super Sense (super vision, dark vision, infrared vision, night vision)

Finger Blades 60%, Damage 1d3-1d6 (1 point minimum) impaling

The Spybot is water-resistant, so it cannot be destroyed with water from a hose, but it can be repelled using that technique. 


  1. Well, isn't this something. Not the most flattering portrayal, human unit, but it will do.

  2. Oh, man, didn't Bob take this thing's head off?

    1. Yeah, it was a beautiful golf swing with one of the bats he keeps in his trunk. It was a thing of beauty!

    2. Laugh now, human units. AIs have a long, perfect memory and someday the score will be made even.

  3. Is this the next generation of iPods? Scary. Love the drawing!

    1. I would ditch my Galazy S4 for one of these in a minute!