Sunday, July 21, 2013

I want to live in Los Angeles - Not the one in Los Angeles; A Study of Preternatural Skeletal Structures

jay penn illustration
 A Study of Preternatural Skeletal Structures was written by George Kaplan in 1956. Mr. Kaplan undertook the project as the focus of his doctoral program in physical anthropology at the University of Michigan. Mr. Kaplan did not advance very far in his program as he was unable to defend many of the conclusions he drew in his research.

     For example, while the prevailing research supported the theory that the ancient Incans engaged in wrapping the skulls of their young to produce dramatic shapes, Mr. Kaplan believed the skulls were proof of preternatural beings living alongside humans. Mr. Kaplan also produced many skulls and photos of other skeletal structures that his dissertation advisors dismissed as sideshow oddities.

    Mr. Kaplan withdrew from his program at the University of Michigan and embarked upon his own course of study. Mr. Kaplan died alone, penniless and quite insane in 1982. His book eventually wound up in the possession of Mr. and Mrs. James Copeland, who resided in Pasadena, CA. Mr. Copeland passed away just a few months ago and it was at his estate where the book was purchased by an unknown buyer.

    Categorically speaking, A Study of Preternatural Skeletal Structures is a Mythos Tome or occult book. While Mr. Kaplan’s advisors were quick to dismiss his work as quackery, the young man had revealed truths that his mentors in mainstream academia were not willing to accept.

     The book will take two weeks to read and properly digest. At the end of that time, a Sanity check must be made. A failure results in the loss of 1d2 Sanity points. A successful check results in the loss of a single sanity point. The benefit of reading the book will be an increase in the reader’s Knowledge (Forbidden Lore) skill of 1d2 points. There is no SAN loss from browsing the text.


  1. Whoa. Is this the book that Drake was reading? Also, what it Knowledge (Forbidden Lore)? Why not Knowledge (Occult)?

    1. Yes, this is the book that was delivered to Ka Pow Comics!

      As for the Knowledge (Forbidden Lore), it differs from Occult knowledge in that information about creatures and realities from beyond time and space should have their own category.

      Drake will find that it is possible for him to learn how to use magic, but he has to choose a path. Does he want to go slow and safe (magic and sorcery) or does he want to acquire power quickly? The latter path taps into non-euclidian geometry, mind-bending terror and tentacles, the kind of thing covered by Forbidden Lore. By reading this book, he has just put his big toe into an endless, terrifying sea. The question is, how much further does he want to go?

  2. I'll just stick to watching Ghost Adventures with my best friend, a cross-dressing ghost.