Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Freelands of Mirrym: Hildebrand's Tome

by Liz Rich

Written by the mad wizard Hildebrand five years after the founding of the Freecity of Mirrym, Hildebrand’s Tome has appeared several times in the decades since. Containing relatively low-powered spells, it is the rumor surrounding its creation that makes this book so fascinating.

     It is bound with the brightly colored feathers of a rare bird which is said to cause madness with the spreading of its wings. Furthermore, the tome’s pages were made from the fibers of the bird’s feathers. Not only containing spells, there are several pages of intricate lattice work designs and three blank pages. At one time there were four, but a previous owner scribbled in a dubious recipe of arcane origin and unknown purpose.

     It is thought by a few scholars who have studied the tome (and retained their composure) that the lattice work designs on the book are really maps to the lost library of Hildebrand the Mad, which vanished shortly before his death. Researchers would eagerly pay to possess this book, which was last seen in the hands of an infamous sorceress by the name of Madelyn. It disappeared shortly before she began her quest for the Hope Chest, and no one has managed to locate it again.

     The feathers adorning the cover of the book are arranged in such a way that they retain a vestige of their former power to addle minds. When the book is viewed, a DC 10 Will check is required. If the check fails, roll a d4 and consult the results below.

1. Subject stares into space for d10 rounds, mesmerized. They will mumble to themselves and drool a bit.
2. Everything around the subject is gut-busting hilarious. The victim will laugh themselves sick for d6 rounds. (Great fun in a serious wizards’ library.)
3. Inspired by the pretty feathers, the reader begins flapping their arms and running around the room in an attempt to take flight. This spectacle will go on for d6 rounds.
4. Convinced that everyone is “out to get them,” the subject flees at their maximum move, then hides. This effect will last for d10 rounds.
     Hildebrand’s Tome will contain five 1st level spells, two 2nd level spells and one 3rd level spell.

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