Monday, September 7, 2020

Paper Skellie Boyz Are Fight!

I stare out the window a lot and say, "What I wouldn't give to play one last session with my old friends from San Diego." *sigh*

     Well, it occurs to me that I have people with whom I could game quite happily thanks to the wonders of Zoom, battle mats and other wondrous combinations of paper and technology. During our 30 hour power outage - on a day when it hit 113 no less - I scribbled and planned for a few sessions of Tiny Dungeons 2e.

     I have never played Tiny Dungeons, but there is a Fate Accelerated quality to it that might be worth checking out. Matt of, myself and Bill of the Green Skeleton Gaming Guild will be giving it a go this Friday at 5pm PST/8 EST for about 90 minutes. I am sending them battle mats and paper minis tomorrow. Teaching via Zoom has gotten me into the habit of trying to marry a tactile component to the digital delivery.

     Tiny Dungeons may be our jam and it may not be. I want to take hacks at all the Drive Thru RPG games I own but never play. Something good must come from this unholy mess that is life in CA during a pandemic and lots of Friday Night Firefights may be just the thing. (On the subject of nostalgia, "Friday Night Firefight" is what we called our casual, one off game sessions in high school.) Let me know if you have any kind of interest in joining in. :)