Saturday, September 12, 2020

Paper Bandits

I quickly sketched some more paper minis while watching the first inning of the Dodgers vs. The Cheating Trashcan Bangers of Houston. From left to right we have Piotr, Igor, Stanislaw, Wiktor and Jakub. Yeah, strong Polish vibe. I left the back blank so that I could jot down their name, AC and hps. 

Piotr: Can burp the alphabet and likes making grown men cry. 

Igor: Loves to smash people in the face with his shield. Never met a cat he didn't like to kick.

Stanislaw: Used to shove old people to the ground just to hear people around him gasp in horror. Music to his ears, all that gasping and outrage.

Wiktor: Loves shooting people in the back. And in the front. Heck, he just loves filling people with arrows. 

Jakub: Has caught every social disease there is to catch. He collects them like freaky badges of honor. 

     This quintet have been waylaying farmers during the fall harvest. They are trying to gather enough stores for the winter (stealing is easier than working) and are on quite the tear. There is a reward for their heads, but everyone who has tried to collect it has either given up or ended up in a ditch.  

     Regarding that trash can banging...


  1. Replies
    1. I'm not sure yet. Either that or Basic D&D. I was thinking today about how when I first started DMing in the mid-80s I was really into the PCs as heroes. They saved a lot of farms and villagers until our play style went in a different direction. The PCs as heroes still resonated with me, though.

    2. I have always seen the PCs as heroes, even when they are robbing tombs and killing orc families.

    3. I am reporting you to the 5e police. A WotC rep will begin touch shortly...

  2. Either is cool with me! Being the heroes is fun!

  3. I got dibs on Igor. Gonna make him die slowly.