Thursday, September 10, 2020

Legends of Gath #52: Lights Out, Knives Out

It was pushing 120 on Sunday when the power went out. Within 10 minutes the sirens started roaring around town. Not gonna lie. I was totes jelly of my neighbor's generator. That thing mocked me for two blistering days. Oh well.


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    1. Seriously! AC is the only thing hold back de-evolution!

    2. LoL AC and Monster Energy Drinks!

    3. Wait a minute....Tim skipped my game because was 'tired' but posted here 20 minutes ago?!?! wth?

  2. I woke and I hadn't heard or seen anything from the Great Imbiber in sometime, but I knew he had more than just me to look after. Most days this didn't bother me, but today when I woke up I found myself in a foul mood. The heat was relentless and brutal, worse than I could remember. The last of my precious liquid dripped onto my tongue more than a day ago. I tried to clear my throat, but too much dust coated it and I went into a coughing fit.

    I slung the Martin over my shoulder. Some how this magnificent artifact remained in pristine condition. I grabbed the 3x Series Ash Genuine Louisville Slugger baseball bat and spun it in my hand. Today was a bat day.

    It need to find something to drink. Up ahead I heard noises. I groaned. Skellie boys again from the clicking and clacking. It doesn't stop. They are everywhere. I saw the first one standing outside a building punching its boney finger into a piece of glass. I still have no idea what their fascination is with small pieces of glass. I walked up and swung at its knee. The knee cap cleared a nearby tree and bounced on the roof of a neighboring house. The skellie crumpled to one knee. It looked up at me. I almost saw surprise. It reached out towards me, but I caught it once more with the sweet spot of the bat sending its skull into the air hitting a the second skellie.

    I'm not sure how long it took, but five of them were on the ground around me. Their bones scattered and shattered. My bat splintered in one place, but otherwise still solid. I didn't notice the blood oozing out of a wound on my should at first. One of them used a broken glass. It felt pretty good. Pain to distract me from the heat. The fight has released the frustration.

    I went inside the house to check what the Great Imbiber might offer me today. I saw a thing I'd seen a few times in some of the more 'civilized' places in Gath. Generator. Made the old stuff run again. I grabbed the few tools I scrounged from my satchel and said a quick prayer to guide my hand. It didn't take but a little cleaning and twists of a wrench and the generator belched a cloud of black smoke then roared to life.

    In the window a box made a grinding sound. I stepped closer to it. I saw a button on it and removed a piece of metal from the vents and that's when it hit me. A burst of air. Slightly warm at first then to cool.

    I stood hugging the cold box and thanked the Great Imbiber for his mercy and miracles.

    1. Bravo! The way you write is like watching a scene from a movie unfold. Absolute poetry. Gath is better due to the presence of the Cleric with No Name.

    2. Nice job Tim, great story telling!