Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Legends of Gath #48; Chuggy Chili con Carne

I'm on page 283 of the Old Testament, hence the ravens feeding Elijah. Good stuff. Be sure to enjoy a can of Chuggy Chili con Carne today. Pow! 


  1. How is Chuggy Chili con Carne related to Chuggy Dew?
    Do I want to know?

    1. Perhaps Chuggy was a ubiquitous brand in Gath. Wow. Could you imagine chasing a bowl of chuggy chili with a can of chuggy dew? That poor restroom...

    2. I see a chain of retail stores. Chuggy-Mart.

      Restaurants. McChuggy's.

  2. I misread that as "CHUNKY Chili con Carne" and felt nauseated...

    On an unrelated note: nauseated is one of those words that feels like someone crammed too many vowels in it.

  3. It would be a good day as the sky dimmed and clouds, large and full, provided temporary respite from the grueling heat. It was then when I heard a noise. I admit it frightened me at first, but other noises, joined in. Birds. What a wonderful alien noise. Something I'd not heard in over two years.

    I move toward the glorious noise. It lifted my heart to hear birds. I chuckled as I approached, their harsh noise sounded as if they were arguing. A large stone jutted out of the sand and sitting there as if it had for all of time was a raven. He cawed and pecked at the top on the stone. I stepped forward to get a closer look.

    Then I saw it. A trickle of water ran from the base of the rock into a small pool. My head twitched almost as a mock gesture of the ravens. I dared not believe, but I walked forward rapidly saying prayers to the Great Imbiber. I fell to my knees and felt the coolness from the water's surface. The ravens flapped their wings and increased their argumentative noises, but it that was distant now.

    I put down my Martin carefully to the side and took both hands to scoop up the water and I drank. It felt so strange that the coolness burned my throat. Gath relentlessly battered me with particles of itself were washed away. I laughed for some reason. Like someone whispered a joke in my ear during service. I didn't want to laugh out loud for the the fear of offending the ravens.

    It didn't take long before the water pool diminished and the trickle absorbed into the sands. I managed to get the last bit in one of my empty aleskins. I would share this. Someone out there needs this more than me. Maybe they will tell me a story for such a gift.

    1. The cleric with no name brings such a wonderful sense of humanity to a landscape that is so harsh and unforgiving. May he and the ravens enjoy a long friendship. :)

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