Sunday, April 19, 2020

Legends of Gath #26; Nehustan, The Brazen Serpent

Even the unclean get a chance at redemption from time to time. The serpent on a stick, the precursor to Christ on the Cross, makes an appearance after my late night reading. The sky men introduced yesterday will be back in later installments. They have a keen interest in artifacts like these and will pay handsomely for them.

     As we move past 25 installments, I feel like there is enough material to launch a campaign. A friend and I were talking about Twilight 2000 the other day. The structure of these installments - self-contained skirmishes that tie into a larger whole - remind me of how we used to pace our T2k campaigns back in the day. We played games that lasted for weeks with a lot less material than this series.

     PS: I forgot to write "building" after the. When writing by hand, things can get a bit weird.


  1. You definitely have enough for a fun campaign here. Good stuff

    1. I just finished a meditation session and focused on the mantra "You are enough." So yeah, this material is enough. :)

  2. A campaign in the wastelands of Gath makes sense to me.