Friday, July 7, 2017

The Wasteland of Gath: The Bunker (Rowan); Labyrinth Lord

Play began with the intrepid Rowan, Bedlowe and Kerg peering down a shaft leading into the earth. (This was the fourth time +Stuart Robertson and I have explored the Wasteland of Gath.) Fifteen feet below, the crumpled body of a dead wasteland mutant could be seen. After descending the shaft they could see that it had been slain by a quarrel to the chest. Of note was the fact that a large quartz crystal was growing out of its skull. Perhaps all the wasteland mutants had skulls with ingots of gold or encrusted with crystal?
The Miller family attacks!

     A thorough exploration of the underground complex was undertaken with many curious objects found. The trio discovered a tracked all terrain vehicle, preserved rations, clothing and all manner of survival gear. It was quite the cache! The group was careful to pack up things like cans of Mt. Dew (Rowan insisted the Mt. Dew would be good for Dandelion's teeth), beef jerky, freeze-dried apricots and spare clothing. Kerg even found a massive crossbow in a closet.

     Things took a dramatic turn when the explorers entered the bunker's bed-chamber. Within were the skeletal remains of a family, who lie their bunks. A photo of the family when they were alive and happy identified them as The Millers. Bedlowe remarked that the mom was kind of hot. Kerg scolded him for such a crass observation.

     A note on a bed read, "It's too terrifying out there to hope for a better tomorrow. Forgive me." Next to the note were four empty syringes. As Rowan finished reading the note, a skeletal hand grabbed his and the family rose in their beds. Startled, the group retreated into the hallway.

     Rowan dropped a flask of oil in the hallway, which deterred the skeletons from advancing. While the skeletons pondered moving through the flame and smoke, Rowan threw daggers and Kerg unloaded with his crossbow. One skeleton was felled by such blows.The remaining three skeletons rushed forward, but erupted into flame and smoke as they crossed the fiery pool.

     With the skeletons slain, a thorough examination of the room was completed. In a closet the party found new sets of clothes. Rowan claimed for himself a pair of workboots, jeans and rugged shirt. Kerg found a beanie he liked as well as clothing for Dandelion (the mutant adopted by Turtleneck Joe).  Bedlowe stuffed a few pair of Mrs. Miller's panties in his pocket. Rowan also found and kept Mrs. Miller's romance novel as well as a prayer book to Dagon.

     As the group exited the bunker, they noticed that the sky overhead was black. Rowan investigated and saw a terrifying sight. Far down the road near the pothole where the fleshlings were slain he could see an RV, like a Winnebago. Rather than resting upon wheels on the ground, the vehicle was perched atop a massive pair of mechanical legs like some kind of wasteland Baba Yaga hut. The hut let forth a roar from a powerful air horn combined with a scream of pure fury and rage. Was the occupant enraged at the death of the fleshlings? Was this an ambulatory home for a witch?

     The group hid below until the danger passed (Kerg had passed out from fear), then returned to Turtleneck Joes to trade. Before departing, Rowan removed Ma and Pa Goren's heads, hoping they contained gold.

XP for Rowan: 13 for skeletons + 50 quartz crystal + 100 from trade goods = 163 xp

Treasure: Quartz crystal worth 50 gp

Rowan's Melee Stats 
No. of Attacks: 4
Hits: 4
Hit Percentage: 100%
Damage Inflicted: 2, 5, 4, 8, 2, 5, 4, 4 (34) (Flaming oil results in damage in excess of hits)
Average Damage per Hit:4.25
Kills: 6
Average Kills per Hit: 1.5  (Kills per hit higher than 1 due to use of flaming oil)
Initiative Rolls: 7
Result(s): 4, 3, 4, 3, 4, 2, 5
Average Initiative Roll: 3.6
Damage Sustained: 0
Spells Cast: 1
Spells: Sleep

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