Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Wasteland of Gath: The Bus (Fenra); Labyrinth Lord

Fenra Jotunsdottir entered the cave with the simple intention of sleeping while a storm raged outside. When she exited the following morning, she was in the desert wasteland of Gath. People had come to the wrecked land by various means, but to date no one had entered in this manner. For our session +Andrew Byers and I employed Labyrinth Lords from Goblinoid Games. To add a bit of spice to the mix Andrew empl0yed the Chainmail Chick character class by James West.

     Soon after setting out upon the road, Fenra encountered a dwarf named Kerg sitting at the wheel of a burned out car, banging his head against the steering wheel. Kerg was surprised to see Fenra and could not believe she was real.

     And so gorgeous.

     The two conversed and Kerg bared his soul, telling Fenra that he hoped to find either death or redemption on the road through Gath. Fenra listened quietly and chose not to press Kerg about the brands upon both cheeks.

     After a time, the pair came upon a ruined metal hulk once used as a conveyance by an older, reckless society. "You maniacs! You blew it all up!" They approached with caution as they could hear a rattling of chains coming from the front of the vehicle. They were correct to show caution because two skeletons emerged from the front of the bus, where the engine might once have been. When alive, their names were Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose. They were clad in orange jumpsuits and swung their chains and shackles like flails.

     Melee erupted and poor Kerg was quite ineffective. His attacks missed and he was relegated to being flogged by a chain from an enraged skeleton. Fenra to the contrary was a she-demon on the battlefield. In short order the skeletons were obliterated. Kerg clapped his hands wildly and shed tears of joy. He miracled himself out of the squalor of his previous life and this was his grand reward.

     A search of the bus followed and within were ten more skeletons, still shackled to their seats. They writhed and jerked, but could not get free. The front of the bus was also searched and two skeletal guards were found. They were not animated. Each was wearing a gold ring that Fenra and Kerg split.

     They searched the area and found a skull with 2 gold ingots embedded within. (In modern day Mozambique, bald men have been ritually killed because witch doctors believe their heads contain gold. Weird.)

     With the encounter over, the two companions continued down the road.

XP for Fenra: 10 from slain skeletons + 60 from treasure + 70 xp

Treasure: 1 gold ring worth 20 gp, gold-encrusted skull worth 40 gp

Fenra's Melee Stats 
No. of Attacks: 3
Hits: 2 
Hit Percentage: 66%
Damage Inflicted: 7, 9
Average Damage per Hit: 8
Kills: 2
Average Kills per Hit: 1
Initiative Rolls: 3
Results: 2, 6, 7 (15)
Average Initiative Roll: 5
Turn Attempts: 1
Damage Sustained: 0

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