Friday, June 23, 2017

The Wasteland of Gath: The Pit (Brother Adelmo); White Box

Brother Adelmo, loyal servant of The Great Imbiber (played by +Gothridge Manor)  left the bus with Kerg the Dwarf in tow. After a time, Kerg had to relieve himself and rushed forward to a massive pothole in the road to do so. Something he saw within alarmed him and he loudly exclaimed, "Jesus Christ!"

     There came a terrible moaning from the pit and out of it emerged three nightmare creatures. Despite the tar on their bodies, their pinkish-gray skin could be seen. They were about 3-4' tall with long, spindly limbs. Their fingers ended in sharp claws where the bone grew through the skin. They had dropping facial features, long floppy ears and a small mouth full of pointed teeth.

     Brother Adelmo was not sure what they were, but he recalled them having something to do with witches. At any rate, an impressive six rounds of melee ensued, with poor Kerg enduring the brunt of the assault. While the melee raged, Brother Adelmo saw a lumpy wasteland mutant sprint out of a bush and run into the desert along a path. There was no time to pursue as the monsters demanded full attention.

     Eventually the beasts were felled. Afterward, Brother Adelmo investigated the pit and found it to contain quite a bit of tar. Within the tar were the skeletal remains of various humans and humanoids. He also found a bucket containing severed hands and feet that the mutant had dropped. Was that freak feeding the monsters?

     Also found was a skull of unusual properties. This one was about 60% bone and 40% smooth aquamarine. Score!

     At this point, Adelmo bound Kerg's wounds. Adelmo thanked Kerg for his loyal service and bravery in battle and gifted him the skull!

XP for Adelmo: 15 from fleshlings + 87 from treasure = 103 xp

Treasure: Aquamarine encrusted skull worth 175 gp (gifted to Kerg)

Brother Adelmo has been very generous toward Kerg so there will be a -2 on the next Loyalty check.

Brother Adelmo's Melee Stats 
No. of Attacks: 6
Hits: 4
Hit Percentage: 67%
Damage Inflicted: 6, 5, 1, 4 (16)
Average Damage per Hit: 4
Kills: 4
Average Kills per Hit: 1
Initiative Rolls: 7
Result(s): 5, 4, 0, 2, 4, 0, 4 (19)
Average Initiative Roll: 2.7
Turn Attempts: 1
Successful Turn Attempts: 1
Turn Attempt Success Rate: 100%
Damage Sustained: 0
Bind Wounds Opportunities: 1
Hit Points Restored: 4
Average Hit Points Restored: 4


  1. The battle with those horrid creatures will make a fine addition to my story when I meet the Great Imbiber.

    1. I agree. A fine addition, indeed. :)