Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Wasteland of Gath: The Bus (Brother Adelmo); White Box

In today's middle slot Brother Adelmo (Cleric 1) played by Tim of +Gothridge Manor risked life and limb on the desolate highway through Gath. A late-bloomer, Brother Adelmo did not receive a divine revelation from The Great Imbiber until he was 50 years of age. Advanced age or perhaps hard living may account for Adelmo's 7 Strength. For our session we employed White Box by Seattle Hill Games, which appears to be the system of choice for Gath.

     Soon after setting out upon the road, Brother Adelmo found a dwarf named Kerg, sitting at the wheel of a burned out car, banging his head against the steering wheel. The two conversed and Kerg bared his soul, telling Adelmo that he hoped to find either death or redemption on the road to Gath. (Many have speculated whether Gath is a region or an actual location. Perhaps both.)

     After a time, the pair came upon a ruined metal hulk once used as a conveyance by an older, reckless society. "You maniacs! You blew it all up!" They approached with caution as they could hear a rattling of chains coming from the front of the vehicle. They were correct to show caution because two skeletons emerged from the front of the bus, where the engine might once have been. When alive, their names were Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose. They were clad in orange jumpsuits and swung their chains and shackles like flails.

     Initiative was rolled and Brother Adelmo won. The cleric knew that those who die in Gath rise as undead if they have not confessed their sins to whatever deity they kneel before. Adelmo rebuked the miserable sinners and they began to flee. Kerg fired his light crossbow at a skeleton, but only managed to knock some bones free.

     Initiative was not required for the second round as the skeletons were in flight mode. Brother Edelmo gave chase and smashed one of the foes to pieces. Kerg fired again and managed to bring the second one down. Victory!

     They searched the area and found a skull with 2 gold ingots embedded within. (In modern day Mozambique, bald men have been ritually killed because witch doctors believe their heads contain gold. Weird.)
     A search of the bus followed and within were ten more skeletons, still shackled to their seats. They writhed and jerked, but could not get free. Brother Adelmo recalled a bit of ancient lore about these old metal boxes containing a liquid in steel tanks that was quite flammable. He located such a tank, poked a hole in it, stuffed a rag in the hole, lit it and ran. A great conflagration resulted and the two friends watched in awe.

     With all the skeletons dead - or re-dead - they continued down the road, but not before saying prayers for the skeletal prisoners and conveying their souls into hands of the Great Imbiber.

XP for Brother Adelmo: 60 from slain skeletons + 20 from treasure + 25 for saving souls = 105.

Treasure: 1 gold ingot worth 20 gp

Brother Adelmo split all treasure equally with Kerg so there will be a -1 on the next Loyalty check.

Brother Adelmo's Melee Stats 
No. of Attacks: 1
Hits: 1
Misses: 0
Hit Percentage: 100%
Damage Inflicted: 6
Average Damage per Hit: 6
Kills: 1
Average Kills per Hit: 1
Initiative Rolls: 1
Result(s): 5
Average Initiative Roll: 5
Turn Attempts: 1
Successful Turn Attempts: 1
Turn  Attempt Success Rate: 100%
Damage Sustained: 0


  1. And there was great rejoicing in the Immaculate Tavern.

    1. Many new souls were welcomed through the Tavern's door on this fine day!