Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Pigeon Street Society of Explorers and Specialists Session 7

09.04.16; Session Six; D&D 5e
Len as Argon, Human Wizard 3
Paul as Galillian, Elven Ranger 3
Scott as Derek, Human Paladin 3
Erik as Growll, Half-orc Bard 3
Rachel as Naga, Halfling Rogue 3
Jose as Iolas, Elven Wizard 3

The Night Market
     Desperate to learn more about the mysterious necromancer plying her trade near Pigeon Street, the intrepid explorers visited the Night Market near their homes. They descended beneath the city streets to find a bizarre labyrinth of vendors and stalls. All manner of goods, both mundane and magical, were available.

Eventually, they located the Necromancer herself and had a productive discussion. She agreed to relocate her operations in light of the PCs finding it repugnant. Much more happened, but I am writing this months after the fact and my memory is hazy.

Subdued Dragon
     The session culminated in a blistering assault on the Blue Dragon, the infamous smuggling ship that had supplied the necromancer with fresh corpses. The battle was fierce, with the captain and bosun fighting viciously before falling under the blade.


  1. Looks awesome! What miniature is that warrior from with the white hair and bluish skin?

  2. That's Galillian! Custom mini from that I painted.

    1. Cool! I didn't think I recognized it. Nice job!