Monday, August 8, 2016

The Pigeon Street Society of Explorers and Specialists Session 3

08.06.16; Session Three; D&D 5e 
Len as Argon, Human Wizard 2
Scott as Derek Stormheart, Human Paladin of Sune 2
Paul as Galillian, Elven Ranger 2
Rachel as Naga, Halfling Rogue 1
Jose as Iolas, Elven Wizard 1

Play resumed on the crazy street of Baldur's Gate. The group decided to investigate the abandoned tower where a wizardess recently disappeared. En route, they ran afoul (ha!) of a cockatrice that had slipped its leash.

Curb Your Bird!
     The ugly beast pecked a lady until she turned to stone. Poor lady. The bird's owner begged the party to capture it and they did. Argon eventually cast a Sleep spell, causing the bird, its owner, a commoner and a pig to pass out. The bird's owner was robbed by Naga. The pig and commoner were unharmed.

The Spire, Level One
     The spire was soon reached. I've been detailing it in several issues of the Tolling of the Great Black Bell. It was written in a mix of 2e and 5e stats so I just used both. On the first level three giant centipedes were squished.

     They found some crates containing doll heads, pickled eggs, wigs, clipboards, and various stuffed pets. I give out great treasure. Let me tell you. There are lots of DMs out there who give treasure, but not the way I hand it out. Boy, I'm going to make the dungeon great again. Iolas found a typewriter and a few employee handbooks. He kept the typewriter. It will look great in his shop.

The Spire, Level Two 
     On the second level the group saved the most recent incarnation of Apris the Wondrous. Apris is always in trouble. Curvy, passionate and she has a thing for fighters. She is going to stalk the hell out of the group's Paladin.

     Apris was in a mess of trouble with a bunch of stirges. She levitated up to this floor and expected her party to follow suit. They never showed up. Did they ditch her or did they get distracted? Who knows. At any rate, they saved Apris even though Iolas accidentally lit her on fire with a spell. I cant remember what he used, but it was cool.

The Spire, Level Three
     The group met a friendly raven, who was eager to share his pile of shiny glass and beads with them. He even gifted the party a small voodoo doll. It emanates faint Necromancy magic. Once per day, the wielder can look at a foe within 30', stab the doll, then the target will take one hp of damage. No save. Ouch!

     The raven later followed Iolas home. He was going to follow the paladin home, but the shifty halfling lives with the paladin and she was eyeing his loot.

The Spire, Level Four
     Bats! Big ol' bats everywhere. There was a fierce skirmish and soon four dire bats were either burning, pierced with arrows or plummeting down the elevator shaft. It was a grand slaughter.

The Spire, Level Five
     They found a Potion of Climbing in ankle deep bat poo. They found an old flying boat. The view from up there was also nice.

     The party then went home with their typewriter, doll heads, and bags stuffed with dead stirges and dire bat heads to turn in for a bounty.

Total XP: 300
      The bat heads, stirges and centipedes earned the group a 30 gp bounty. The wigs and other crates were sold for 50 gp. Eighty gp in all. Divided five ways, that's 16 gp each. It's hard as hell to pay the bills in Baldur's Gate.


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    1. He had a lovely nap. I think he woke up before his owner and escaped to freedom. He now roams the forest, sniffing out truffles and looked after by a lovely dryad. :)

    2. There's your next campaign!

  2. What's the matter with these people? My character would NEVER have passed up a chance for free bacon! Mwahahahahahahaha!