Monday, August 1, 2016

The Pigeon Street Society of Explorers and Specialists Session 2

07.31.16; Session Two; D&D 5e 
Len as Argon, Human Wizard 1
Scott as Derek Stormheart, Human Paladin of Sune 1
Paul as Galillian, Elven Ranger 1
Eric as Growll, Half-orc Bard 1

Play began with a visit from Marcus Grooms. He thanked the party for the previous session's service. He informed them that the church of Lathander had the warehouse on lockdown as they conducted an investigation. He offered them future employment if they were so inclined as his patron owns diverse, complicated properties across the city.

     Hooks: The party can request more work from Marcus. They might tail him to determine who his employer is. The group might revisit the shrine to see if any assistance is needed.

     Next, the party collected Boris Blavens and headed to the Shrine of Loviatar where he wished to vent his spleen regarding all those who have wronged him. He had previously hired the group as an escort. The shrine was located deep in the bowels of a once stately villa. It was now inhabited by vagrants and who knows what. As promised, giant deformed toads - each with a lumpy head that looked like Boris' - attacked. The party hacked away at the frogs until they disappeared into the water.

     Meanwhile Boris completed his prayers to Loviatar. For her part, the goddess was not amused and her statue animated and folded Boris neatly in half. His spine snapped cleanly in two and he died on the spot. The characters looked around a bit, but decided it was not best to tarry.

     Hooks: Loviatar is often linked to slavery and torture. Would it be wise to stake the shrine out and apprehend anyone up to foul deeds? Is there a cult based at the villa? Is it worth exploring?

     Things did not stay quiet long at Pigeon Street. While having drinks, there was a great commotion. The group stepped into the street to see a man being savaged by massive rats. He hacked away at them while an old woman shrieked in terror. The group jumped in to help. As they slew the rats, they realized the old lady was screeching in terror because the damage being done to the rodents. As they last one fell under the blade, she fell to the ground sobbing.

     The man who was attacked dusted himself off and introduced himself as Viktor the Rat Catcher. He informed the group he was on Pigeon Street for two reasons. One was to check on reports of large rats at this address and the second was to ask for the group's help. He and his fellow rat catchers located a secret door down in the sewers. They opened it, but fled in terror as the chamber beyond looked like some kind of horror show.  While he was sharing his tale, the sobbing woman lovingly carried the rats' corpses back into her flat.

     Hooks: Lady, what's up with the rats?

     The group descended into the sewers and soon located the secret door. The chambers beyond held
dark and disturbing things. If you select the image, you can read a bit about what the group encountered. Suffice it to say, the area was torched, the undead put to the sword and Argon made off with a precision set of surgical tools.

     Hooks: Is this lab connected to the undead love slave from the previous session? Should the lab be staked out to see who comes calling?

      Following this, the group had a rather unfortunate run in with some filthy beggars. While listening to a half-elven Bard play his violin on a corner, they witnessed him being attacked by five ruffians. They showered him with kicks and punches. The group jumped in and soon drove the swine away.

     The Bard, Lenwe, explained that he had received multiple warning from the Beggar King's minions to share his earnings or cease performing. This was an affront to his honor, so he continued performing with a violent outcome. He thanked the group for their help and warned them to beware the Lord of Cobbles.

     Hooks: The beggars have great nerve trying to dictate terms to Bards. Perhaps they and their leader need a sound thrashing. Lenwe share a rumor of a composer who was deliberately crafting pieces that caused great bodily harm to anyone who performed them. Who is this scoundrel and why would he do such a thing?

    Finally, Argon received a visit from Nicole, one of the three bravos who lay claim to Pigeon Street. She was badly wounded in a bar fight with the crew of a vessel called "The Blue Dragon." She described the crew as rotten scoundrels who call Baldur's Gate home. They are often up to no good on Pigeon Street. Argon stitched her up and she was on her way.

     Hooks: Nicole claims to be a member of Hargor's crew. Who is Hargor and what does this crew do, exactly. What's the Blue Dragon and what scandalous acts does the crew commit?

XPs: We got a ton done. 250 xp to each PC. 


  1. Great write up. I like the hooks section. You have some lucky players.

    1. Thanks, Tim! That's very kind of you to say.:)