Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Pigeon Street Society of Explorers and Specialists Session 5

08.21.16; Session Five; D&D 5e 
Len as Argon, Human Wizard 3
Paul as Galillian, Elven Ranger 3
Rachel as Naga, Halfling Rogue2
Jose as Iolas, Elven Wizard 2

 You told me to go back to the beginning, so I have. 
     Play began with a trip back in time. It was a short trip, really. Just a month or so. A few of the characters were travelling south from Waterdeep on the Blue Dragon before ownership exchanged hands. Now that the infamous vessel is moored at the end of Piegon Street, I thought it might be a good idea to establish a link between the PCs and the ship.

     When the PCs first met the crew it was not under ideal circumstances. A mutiny had taken place and the passengers (the PCs) were being set ashore. Once on terra firma, things were definitely not good. An inhospitable shore awaited them. It was a place where skeletal pirates from a doomed raid were damned to repeat their assault nightly under the baneful watch of a statue of Umberlee. Was she furious that the pirates were such worthless followers or was she mad that the pirates dared to attack a village that worshiped her? Or both?

     Aquatic pirates were hacked, a creepy dryad was met and the halfling was nearly pounded into jelly when she shot an arrow at the dryad. They also met a creepy human child who clapped and cheered as they group battled the undead. The weird kid smells like chlorine and has wings, so yeah. The wilds of Forgotten Realms are bizarre.

Talk to the hand.
     We then flashed forward to where we left last session. A giant's severed hand was rampaging down the street in a desperate bid to reach Argon's home where a stolen set of surgical tools were hidden. The hand did not get far as the party was able to subdue it quite easily. The party did some tracking an realized the hand emerged from the bay. Iolas put the hand it a tank filled with formaldehyde and added it to his ship's inventory.

     Although necromancy isn't necessarily illegal (what is legal and illegal depends on a number of factors), the group are concerned that the wizard lives locally and is plotting who knows what. I imagine that there is a brisk market for people wanting to have pets, loved ones and loyal servants reanimated. Creepy as heck, but perhaps common.

When momma's not happy, no one's happy.
     So the crazy rat lady next door to Argon tried to chop his door down in the middle of the night with an axe. She had a bunch more rats with her and she looked to be quite rat-like herself. Were-rats are such a nuisance! The rat mother and rat brood stormed into Argon's home and soon there was a grand melee in the open area behind the PC's homes. Rat mother absorbed a crazy amount of damage before scampering off. Her rat children were splattered.

     Franklin the pony, Fenway the pig and Pete the raven even got in on the action and curb stomped a dire rat. On Pigeon Street if you don't start none, there won't be none. Pigeon Street por vida, ese.

     An investigation of the crazy rat lady's house led to a series of secret passages beneath the houses. It's kind of a nifty underground lair complete with a revolting chamber where the rat lady conceived and gave birth to her brood. The group also found some nice doilies and a recipe book for baking laxative filled pastries.

     All in all another fine session. Iolas has decided he wasn't to locate the Night Market where secrets and arcane items are traded. It also appears there may be a collision between the PCs and the crew of the Blue Dragon. Since the rat lady got away, she may be back with friends.

XPs: 300 to all.


  1. Ha, sounds like a crazy fun session. Necromancy is like pornography, I know it when I see it.

    1. True! The party's paladin is having an absolute fit.