Friday, July 29, 2016

A House on Pigeon Street

The other day the missus and I went to Giant Robot 2 on Sawtelle in West LA. I miss living in West LA. I miss the weather and being so close to my favorite surf spots. However, I don't miss the rental rates. My mortgage is less than my old rent. At any rate, I was very inspired by the model above. I decided to go home and begin working on terrain with big bold colors.

     The building was put together with foam core and cardstock. I glued it together with tacky glue. Usually I employ a hot glue gun and a basswood base, but this time I wanted a quicker, faster method.

     At this point, I have adorned the doors and windows with balsa wood and painted the building. Next I used cardstock to create a shingled roof.

     Here's the final result. I outlined with a Sharpie to create bold lines. I love the colors. Bold, cartoony and it definitely stands out on the table.

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