Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Rag Doll Children

The folks who live deep in the woods are a queer, insular lot. They don't mix with regular folk and keep to themselves. Their customs are their own and speculation about their lifestyle is excellent coffee shop fodder.

     The hill folks' children are a terrifying lot. The filthy ragamuffins are rarely seen. Their eyes are sunken into their pale, bony faces and they wear tattered, soiled rags for clothes.

     On account of their extreme poverty, the "rag doll children" as they are often called are left to their own when it comes to food. They wander the woods in desperate packs, looking for anything to eat. They are not above raiding hen houses and breaking into unattended cabins. A few hunters report run ins with the children and were chilled to the bone by their feral, vicious manner.

     Perhaps the investigators in your campaign might need a little rest and relaxation to recover from damaged stress tracks and annoying Consequences. They might decide to go campaign for the weekend and when they do, they get paid a visit by the forest's darkest denizens.

creepy denizen of the holler, at home in the deepest of the hillside thickets

Great (+4) at: Being stealthy
Good (+3) at: Climbing, hunting
Fair (+2) at: Clawing your damn eyes out

Stress: [_] [_]


  1. I've been reading Shiloh for work and I'm thinking Marty Preston and little Shiloh need some backwoods friends.

  2. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    ...also, can we maybe chat about Fate? I'd seek your perspective on it.

    1. We can totally chat. I dig it, but it's one of those systems I definitely struggle a bit with.I think it works best when they players and GM are equally committed and well versed in the essence of the system.

    2. I'll have to email you then. I feel like there's something in Fate that I'm just not clicking with. I also might have the absolutely wrong group for it, as they are mostly reactive rather than proactive.

    3. Proactivity is key. I think people have to be wiling to self-compel their Troubles and what not. Also, what I struggle with is that the gave seems so fiddly at times, like, if I want to put out a grease fire, how do I do that? Create Aspect (Fire's Out!), overcome an obstacle, or tag an Aspect (My girlfriend is a firefighter)? For a rules-light system, I often get confused.

  3. Replies
    1. It's not a party until filthy ragamuffins show up.