Thursday, July 2, 2015

Conversion Experience: Sheriff Tubbs' Beatin' Stick

Southern Bastards #2; Image Comics; May 2014; $3.50

Earl Tubbs' daddy used to be the sheriff in Craw County, Alabama. According to Earl, he loved the county more than his own family. In his day Sheriff Tubbs was tough as nails.

     His signature weapon was a club that was always by his side. Some say that the stick was signed by Bear Bryant, legendary University of Alabama football coach. By all accounts, the sheriff swung a mean club and many law-breakers felt its wrath.

     Fast forward many years and now Sheriff Tubbs lays in a grave in his front yard. A massive, gnarly old tree grows out of it. The tree is every bit as unyielding and tough as the sheriff.

     On the night his aging son Earl plans to leave Craw County for good a bolt of lightning shatters the tree. Within the tree is none other than his daddy's club. How could that be? It's impossible! Whatever the cause, it's a sure sign that Earl is meant to stay in town in order to take care of the evil that has festered during his father's absence.

Sheriff Tubbs' Beatin' Stick
Consider the weapon an Extra. When used in combat it provides the wield one extra shift in combat, two if the wielder is a descendant of Sheriff Tubbs.


  1. I don't want to be around when the beatin' starts. Yikes.

    1. Perhaps Earl could use it to smash those cantaloupes into submission for you. :)