Monday, June 29, 2015

Conversion Experience: Panda-Bot Mk V

Empty Zone #1; Image Comics; June 2015; $3.50

Today's read is a William Gibson/Cyberpunk/grim future kind of thing. It was a rather decent issue and I look forward to seeing where this series goes. In this installment of Conversion Experience, I want to share an awesome looking robot that appeared briefly. No name was listed for the machine, so apologies for my rather lame moniker.

Robotic Killing Machine

Skilled (+2) at: Breaking things and killing people
Bad (-2) at: Diplomacy, creative thinking

Because the Panda-Bot Mk. V Makes Sudden, Violent Entrances, once per session the robot can appear unexpectedly in a scene and immediately attack a foe. In the comic, the immediate attack came in the form of broken shards of a door it had kicked impaling/bludgeoning people.

Stress: [_][_]

Notes: Its attacks can be either physical (punching, kicking) or via a beam weapon that emanates from the palm of its right hand. Per the comic, the robot is capable of being reprogrammed to make it a docile servant.

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