Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Warehouse on Llewellyn Street

At least one or two scenes per session take place at this dilapidated old warehouse on Llewllyn St. near Chinatown. There have been a few pitched battles there, so I thought I'd quickly build a piece of terrain. I just need a basic model to emulate the first floor. The model is ugly and crude, but I think it might work.

     A top down view. Very few frills. Just something to add a bit of atmosphere to a recurring location.

     Coach Bob emerges from the head with bat in hand. He's always ready to lay the wood to errant robots, ghouls and other hooligans.

     Last session Dr. Parker used that desk behind her for cover when a group of ghouls rushed the warehouse.

     Narine has her back to the soda machine. She is unlikely to actually drink any of the high calorie soda as she has the "I look good in yoga pants" aspect.

     Another view. I know the model is ugly and primitive, but I just wanted to craft a little something to enhance our next session.

Thursday Night Fight Club Warehouse
Aspects: Home Court Advantage; What a Dump


  1. I think it look great. It looks like a old warehouse converted to dive bar sheik. I love the aspect of "I look good in yoga pants".

    1. There was a lot of snickering when I misspoke and said something about "tapping that aspect" instead of "invoke" or "compel." Oops.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Bill. Quick and dirty was the method, but I think it will work. :) It sounds like you had a really fun Mutant Future game yesterday. :)

  3. I know this may sound weird, but where did you get the mini toilet?

    1. I can'r remember who makes them. On ebay I did a search for "25mm modern terrain" and they came up in the results. :)