Thursday, September 5, 2013

That Can't Be a Good Omen

Wyndon, always the nervous one, wondered aloud, "Three graves by the side of the road? There are three of us! That can't be a good omen."

     "You worry too much," grumbled Kander. Kander had a lot of patience, especially for a dwarf, but the halfling's incessant fretting bothered him.

     "You don't worry enough, my dwarven friend," replied Wyndon. "Not nearly enough, I think."

     "Kander's not the one who lit a sheep on fire," quipped Bedlow, an imposing human warrior.

     Kander guffawed as Wyndon stammered, "I...I thought it was a wolf! It was dark!"

     "Seriously, Wyndon," continued Bedlow. "You have got to stop setting things on fire when you get nervous. It's kind of disturbing."

     Still chuckling, Kander began walking down the road with Bedlow trailing.

     After fretting a bit longer about the three fresh graves, Wyndon ran after his companions. "It's not a good omen, I tell you!"

Wyndon o' the Flaming Flask; Level 1 Halfling; Str 9, Dex 15 (-1 AC, +1 to missile attacks, +1 initiative), Con 13 (+1 hit point), Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 12; Armor Class 6 (leather armor, Dex bonus); Hit Points 5; Atk 1; THAC0 19 (17 with missiles); Dam 1d6 (long sword) or 1d8 (flaming oil); Move 40’; Alignment Lawful; Special Abilities +1 to missile attacks, +1 to initiative when alone, 90% ability to hide in wilderness, can hide in subterranean shadows on a 1-2 on a 1d6, -2 to AC against giant-sized creatures; Treasure: 1 x 20 gp gem,15 gp; XP Value 25.

Bedlowe; Level 1 Fighter; Str 16 (+2 to hit and damage), Dex 12, Con 13 (+1 hit point), Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 10; Armor Class 4 (splint mail); Hit Points 8; Atk 1; THAC0 17; Dam 1d8+2 (long sword); Move 30’; Alignment Lawful; Treasure: 20 gp; XP Value 10.

Kander the Patient; Level 1 Dwarf; Str 16 (+2 to hit and damage), Dex 10, Con 16 (+2 hit points), Int 11, Wis 13 (+1 to magic-based saving throws), Cha 10; Armor Class 3 (splint mail, shield); Hit Points 18; Atk 1; THAC0 16; Dam 1d6+2 (war hammer); Move 30’; Alignment Lawful; Special Abilities Infravision (60'), Treasure: 1 gold ring worth 10 gp, 20 gp; XP Value 16.


  1. "Kander's not the one who lit a sheep on fire,"

    This sounds like it could have come from one of the Monday Night Uber-Goober games. :)

    1. I like reading the quotes that come from your sessions. So funny!

      I hope that at some point my players are willing to give D&D another shot. I wrote up these fellows as a possible NPC party that could be encountered. Hopefully the halfling will not light them on fire!

  2. Level 1 Halfling, Level 1 Dwarf . . . race as a class? Okay.

    1. Yeah, in Labyrinth Lord/Moldvay Basic the playable options were (human) Cleric, (human) Fighter, (human)Thief, (human) Magic-User, Halfling, Elf, and Dwarf. There's a archetypal nature to it I've always enjoyed as player and DM.

    2. So what determines whether or not the Halfling or Elf is a "fighter" or "thief" type person?

    3. I can only speak from personal experience, but I have seen halflings mostly in the role of stealthy support types. They can hide well and have a bonus to missile attacks. I've always seen them played as slingers, archers and scouts with that 90% hide in natural settings ability.

      Elves are basically fighter/magic users so they really excel as support troops. A first level elf with a bow and a sleep spell is a nice party member to have around. They are fine in melee, but I mostly have seen them played as missile/spell slingers.

      Fighters and Dwarves tend to be the brawlers, with Clerics doing their thing and, of course, the Thieves steal from everyone when they are not looking.

    4. Cry Havoc! And let slip the . . . Class as Characters, characters! LOL