Friday, August 30, 2013

Lesser Spawn of Shudde M'ell

"Hey, dummies! I have something new for you. Ready or not, here it comes!"
     Barbara Schwartz, tween sorcerer

Proud of her success with summoning the Lesser Avatar of Shudde M'ell. Barbara has researched another ritual, Summon Lesser Spawn of Shudde M'ell. The "greater" spells elude her and frankly, Barbara is a little nervous about driving herself cuckoo. For now, less is more.

re-based Monsterpocalypse mini
     A Lesser Spawn of Shudde M'ell begins as a grub, insect or some other burrowing critter that undergoes a dramatic transformation when exposed to the energy given off my Shudde M'ell as it slumbers beneath the San Andreas fault. The more fitful Shudde M'ell's dreams, the more spawn that are created.

     The lesser spawn are about 5' long and are a sickly green and purple. Their tentacle-lined maws are full of jagged, ripping teeth reminiscent of a garbage disposal. They can attack by biting or by projecting a stream of acidic goo in a 15' long, pencil-thin jet. The acid is highly corrosive and can cause terrible burns.

Lesser Spawn of Shudde M'ell 
Disgusting aberration from the earth

Good (+3) at: Biting, spitting acid at people
Fair (+2) at: Scaring people, absorbing damage
Terrible (-2) at: Everything that does not involve biting, spitting acid or scaring people

Corrosive Goo
     Because it can spit Corrosive Goo, it gets +2 when it attacks targets at a distance.

Garbage Disposal for a Mouth
     Because it has a Garbage Disposal for a Mouth, it gets a +2 when it bites people.

Revolting Presence
     Because it has a revolting presence, it gets a +2 when it tries Create an Advantage.

Stress: [_][_][_][_]

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