Sunday, September 15, 2013

(Fate Accelerated) A Campaign Outline for Thursday Night Fight Club

Note: This is a campaign outline for a potential reboot of our "I want to live in Los Angeles - Not the one in Los Angeles" campaign.

The supernatural is real and the Los Angeles-based investigators in the story must help contain it. They convene every Thursday night at a dilapidated warehouse on Llewllyn St. near Chinatown. They share news, rumors, discuss artifacts and relics they've secured and receive people who come asking for help.

     Campaign Aspects: There’s a Lot of Weird Stuff Out There. and Someone Has to Save the World So It Might As Well Be Us.


1) Restless Dead 
     The dead do not rest easily in Los Angeles. Starlets hungry for more attention, victims of violent crime and the tragically bored all haunt the metropolis. Some spirits are harmless attention whores, while others are deadly. One thing is constant and that is that the level of spiritual activity is steadily increasing.

     Related Aspect: This Town Is Coming Like a Ghost Town

2) Monster of the Week
     While violent crime is on the wane, no one keeps tabs on supernatural crime. It’s entirely fair to say that when it comes to monsters, there is no such thing as a safe neighborhood. Increasingly,
children, the elderly and the lonely are coming under increased predation.

     Related Aspect: There Are Wolves Among the Sheep

3) Vampires Think L.A. is an All You Can Eat Buffet
     Hollywood, Venice, Santa Monica and the City Walk at Universal Studios are a non-stop fast food restaurant for the city's vampires. The investigators know very little about them - they really know of two - but they are out there. How dangerous, powerful and twisted they really are is anyone's guess.

     Related Aspect: Vampires Have Their Fangs in Every Pie 

4) Drones Everywhere
     The government's aerial drone, wire-tapping and ground surveillance program is far more extensive and advanced than many realize. The government is using local industries - Mattel, Raytheon, Boeing, Northrup Gruman, etc. - to produce and test surveillance equipment that is increasingly deployed on the populace.

     Related Aspect: There's Always an Eye in the Sky

5) YouTube Stalkers 
     One of the club members, Frankie Martinez, posts video of club activities to YouTube. The videos have caught the attention of some colorful characters, who often seek out the investigators. The fans’ motivations for seeking out the investigators are numerous and varied.

     Related Aspect: I’m Your Biggest Fan!


1) Let the Old Gods Lay
     Things slumber deep beneath the earth and in the infinitely small spaces between matter. Secret cabals and crazed practitioners operating alone are trying to wake them. If they succeed, the city will suffer on a scale that can be barely comprehended.

     Related Aspect: The Sleepers Must Not Awaken

2) Rival Organizations 
     Eventually, other supernatural investigators will become aware of the Thursday Night Fight Club. Will they want to collaborate with the PCs or force them into a premature retirement? Turf wars, petty jealousies and sabotage await!

     Related Aspect: This Town Is Not Big Enough for the Two of Us


1) The Snot Green Warehouse 
     The snot green warehouse on Llewellyn St. is where the investigators meet each Thursday night.

     Related Aspect: We Must Protect This House and Loaded for Bear

2) KaPow! Comics
     A regional classic among comic book shops, KaPow! Comics in Hollywood is a must for comic book aficionados. The shop's most notable feature is its vast selection of back issues. Within those old pages is a library of lore on the weird and bizarre. It is a go-to destination for supernatural investigators.

     Related Aspect: Not Your Average Library

3) Coach Bob's House
     Coach Bob, a former MLB catcher, has a modest home in Van Nuys. He could probably afford a nicer neighborhood, but the house is paid off and has a ton of equity. Lots of strange things land on Bob's doorstep, but he is somehow able to roll with it.

     Related Aspects: Shrine to Former MLBer Bob Staff and Home Field Advantage

4) Dr. Parker's Lab
     Dr. Parker's Lab at the UCLA Medical Center is buried deep in the bowels of the hospital. Bizarre and unusual corpses are sent to her for examination and discreet disposal. Quite a few factions are interested in the reports Dr. Parker assembles, but she is only aware of the vampires. From time to time they ask that a corpse receive special treatment.

     Related Aspects: World Class Lab Facility and The M.D. at the End of My Name Tag Makes Me God in this Lab


1) Dave Staub 
     Dave is a big, lovable galoot and sports fanatic. He’s also the founder of the Thursday night Fight Club Meetup group. He’s easy going, but if you ever need a big man in your corner, dave’s your guy.

2) Frankie Martinez 
     Frankie is a perky young woman with a penchant for vintage clothing. She is an avid ghost hunter and kindergarten teacher, too. She is the club’s videographer and the one responsible for maintaining the group’s YouTube channel.

3) Darren Brenner 
     Daren is a cross-dressing ghost. It’s important to state that right up front because it’s hard to miss when people meet him. Darren is submissive and rather pouty, but he/she/it is indispensable to have on an investigation where ghosts are concerned.

4) Katie Harmon 
     No one really likes Katie, who is the cos playing assistant manager of KaPow! Comics in Hollywood. Nevertheless, she has access to KaPow! Comics’ vast store of back issues, so that’s a plus.

5) Barbara Schwartz and Anthony 
     Barbara is the rather annoying twelve-year-old sorceress who has adopted the members of the club as her extended family. No one knows why she is so fond of the club members, but she is and is very much like an annoying little sister, albeit an annoying little sister with a massive trust fund, armed bodyguard (Anthony) and an ability to cast spells.

6) Ms. Drew
     Ms. Drew is head of security for Mattel's secret projects. Currently she is overseeing the deployment of a small surveillance robot. They have been produced and deployed in large numbers under the guise of a cutting edge toy. Ms. Drew has a checkered past and is currently dating Coach Bob.

7) Miguel Ceballos
     A beleaguered non-year-old neighbor of Coach Bob. Miguel is forever being hassled by strange and unusual oddities, most recently a 7' tall blue dinosaur with a chainsaw.

8) Charles McCollough
     Seemingly ageless, Charles handles many legal issues for the investigators. He lives in a large, beautiful home in Pacific Palisades. The investigators suspect that his house is haunted.

9) Gregory the Ghoul King
     Gregory is the leader of the coastal ghoul pack that hunts between Venice and County Line. They live near teh rundown cottages near Topanga State Beach. The ghouls are on very uneasy terms with the Thursday Night Fight Club.

10) David Reid
     The "Day Man" of the Virgo Family, a vampire clan, David Reid often meets with Dr. Parker to discuss business at the lab.


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    1. Muggers have no appreciation for rpg field research. :)