Monday, September 23, 2013

Conversion Experience: Val Velocity

The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #4
Dark Horse; September 2013; $3.99

This mini-series is coming to an end. I am a little sad, as I think there are some great story lines that could run for quite a while. I guess that's how it goes, though. For this installment I would like to present Val Velocity.

     Val Velocity is the misguided, out of control leader of the New Killjoys. He's convinced that bravado, booze and guns are all that's needed to destroy BLI and claim Battery City as his own. No doubt, he and the poor fools he has recruited will all die screaming.

deranged leader of the New Killjoys who is going to get himself and everyone around him killed

High Concept: Deranged leader of the New Killjoys
Trouble: BLI wants to kill me and everyone I know.
Other Aspects: Killing is the new cool.

Careful: +0, Clever: +1 (average), Flashy: +3 (good), Forceful: +2 (fair), Quick: +2 (fair), Sneaky: +1 (average)

I'm Young and Full of Juice
     Because I'm Young and Full of Juice, I get a +2 when I Flashily attempt to create advantages.

Just Blast Away Until You Hit
     Because "Just Blast Away Until You Hit" is my philosophy, I get a +2 when I Forcefully attack with my gun in combat.

     May take one more stunt without reducing refresh. 

STRESS: [_][_][_]

Mild (2):
Moderate (4):
Severe (6):


Current Fate Points: 3


  1. I haven't read the comics yet, but I thought about having the world of the Killjoys (based on what I know from the album and music videos) be one possible dystopian future in my homebrew Mutants and Masterminds setting.

    1. I think it'd be a great, gameable setting. Killjoys make some noise and all that. :)