Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Best Friends Forever Means FOREVER!

"Best Friends Forever Means FOREVER!"
     -Katie Harmon

Katie, the assistant manager at KaPow! Comics in Hollywood, has a thing for Harley Quinn cosplay. While her success in that department is open for debate, what is quite clear is that she has developed an unhealthy fixation with one of the investigators in our chronicle.

     Her obsession is particularly troublesome since Katie has a forceful personality that allows her to dominate the weak-minded and impressionable. Next session, the investigator upon whom Katie fixates (Narine) will have her sleep disturbed when Katie attempts to put a tracking device around her ankle. "If you won't return my texts or calls, then I need to at least know where you are!"

obsessive best friend

High Concept: She dreams of being just as powerful and beautiful as the characters in comic books.
Trouble: I've received a few restraining orders in the past.
Other Aspects: You say passive aggressive like it's a bad thing.

Careful: +2, Clever: +3, Flashy: +0, Forceful: +1, Quick: +1, Sneaky: +2

Hanging Out with Me is like a Vacation to Stockholm (Syndrome)
     Because Hanging Out with Me is like a Vacation to Stockholm (Syndrome), I get a +2 when I Cleverly create advantages in social situations.

I Found the Key to Your Apartment Under the Front Mat
     Because I Found the Key to Your Apartment Under the Front Mat, I get a +2 when I Sneakily try to overcome an obstacle (locked door).

I Make This Harley Quinn Costume Look Good
     Because I Make This Harley Quinn Costume Look Good, I get a +2 when I Flashily create advantages in social situations.

Forceful Personality
     When attacking in social combat, Katie gets one free shift. This costs 1 refresh.

STRESS: [_] [_] [_]

Mild (2):
Moderate (4):
Severe (6):


Current FATE Points: 3


  1. Ha. I'd say both fixations are unhealthy.

    1. Nothing says friendship like having a monitoring device strapped to your ankle!

  2. Yikes! Love the stunts though!

    1. Thanks! I kind of like the vacation to Stockholme (Syndrome). Heh.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Billy. I think that at one time or another we have all known a Katie. :)

  4. "I've received a few restraining orders in the past." Nearly spit ice tea on my computer screen. If you are going to be that funny please have a warning ahead of time.

    1. :) Katie is such a hot mess. What makes me laugh is that the PC she stalks rolls with it and accepts each new desperate act of friendship with aplomb. The ankle monitoring device should send things over the edge, though!

    2. I had serious flashbacks to when I was single when I read this. Unnerving.

      How are you liking Fate? I am waiting for my books to show up from the Kickstarter. I was in a group that created characters for Dresden but we never had a chance to play.

    3. My experiences with Fate up to this point had been awful. I la-la-loathed the system until I found Fate Accelerated. All of the pieces finally fell into place for me. Now that I finally grasp the spirit and intent of the rules, I think I'd do much better with FATE core and games like Dresden.

      This Saturday we play our first FAE-fueled session now that we have converted our characters over from Basic Roleplaying. I've been studying the rules intently and have been doing simulated combats, so I think it should go just fine. :)

    4. I debated about the Fate Accelerated and didn't get it, mainly because I had figured out "Spirit of the Century" (although we didn't play it) and also because I didn't want to spend more on the Kickstarter. I will have FA on my Wish List.