Friday, August 2, 2013

Joey Bag o' Donuts

This is the first character I have made with FATE. I thought that he might be at home in my modern fantasy campaign, "I want to live in Los Angeles - Not the one in Los Angeles."

Joey is a 40-year-old retired boxer from Philadelphia. He was never a title contender, but he had staying power and could keep fights interesting by going the distance. This meant that he was able to make a decent living for himself. When it was time to hang up his gloves, he retired to Santa Monica, CA where he bought a little house by the beach.

     Joey is a humble man and awkward in social situations. All those years in the ring have not been kind to his face, so he's not exactly a lady's man. Joey is lonely as a result and terribly self-conscious about his appearance. This is compounded by the fact that he carried a lot of extra weight around as a kid, hence the "Bag o' Donuts" nickname. He's in good shape now, but the moniker has still stuck much to his chagrin.

     Joey thought about being a trainer in So. Cal., but he's not a good fit culturally. Near the beach the "boxers" are just posers or bored housewives looking for a new way to stay fit. While there is a thriving Latino-based boxing scene, Joey doesn't fit in so well.

     While he doesn't yet realize it, there's going to be a time very soon when his bravery and ability to throw - and take - a punch are going to come in real handy. In fact, a ragtag group of monster hunters are walking up to his front door right about now. They need some muscle and Joey may be the right fit. Ding, ding! Time to get back in the ring, Joey.

a man mountain with an unfortunate face

High Concept: Retired practitioner of the Sweet Science
Trouble: Did you just call me ugly?
Other Aspects: I was never a champ, but I made some good money fighting the champs; I don't have a lot of friends, so I take care of the ones I got.

Careful: +2
Clever: +1
Flashy: +1
Forceful: +3
Quick: +2
Sneaky: +0

Lightning Fast Hands
     Because I have Lightning Fast Hands, once per game session I can choose to go first in a physical conflict

A Man Comfortable with Violence
     Because I look like A Man Comfortable with Violence, I get a +2 when I Forcefully create advantages when intimidating someone.

I Have a Thing for Redheads
     Because I Have a Thing for Redheads, I get a +2 when I Carefully create advantages when conversing with an attractive redhead.

STRESS: [_][_][_]

Mild (2):
Moderate (4):
Severe (6):


Current FATE Points: 3


  1. Very nice. I wonder how many fights he gets in when people call him by his nickname?

    Another FLASH: the bonuses for specific approaches number 6. The stats in D&D number... 6. Coincidence? I think not.

    1. I was thinking that his Trouble could be one heck of a compel in the hands of the GM. :)

      About that could be on to something!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I used to surf with a guy who had a friend he called, "Joey Bag o' Donuts" and it stayed with me.

  3. Good stuff and the name is fantastic. Maybe you should send him over to Nancy's and doughnut bag her.

    1. "So, Ms. Nancy, I am going to need you to stop posting your little spam notes at Christian's blog place or I am going to rearrange the decor here in a very unpleasant way. You got me, Nancy?"

  4. Very cool character.

    I also like the new blog banner image (at least new to me, I just noticed it).

  5. Replies
    1. It's the theme song for the campaign. :)