Monday, August 26, 2013

Conversion Experience: Six-Gun Gorilla #2

Six-Gun Gorilla #2
Boom! Studios; July 2013; $2.99

In this second installment of Six-Gun Gorilla, death-seeking Blue struggles to survive on the bizarre, blasted wasteland that is the Blister. After escaping from squid-like tumbleweeds, Blue and the genetically altered gorilla who has befriended him arrive in a small town.

     He soon meets Dora, a woman trying to survive in a brutal landscape. She explains to Blue that she and the other settlers are caught between the Earth military and the rebel forces. The war is pointless, but as we have seen in the first two issues, it makes for intriguing - and profitable - reality television.

     Much to his surprise, Blue learns that Dora is a prostitute. When she feels that she is being judged, Dora explains it in very simple terms. If she does not sell her body, then what she has will be taken by force. In this way, she at least has a bit of control over the process. It's terribly sad, so I wonder if Blue - a hopeless romantic - and Dora will fall in love.

Resourceful survivor of the Blister

Skilled (+2) at: Survival, Commerce
Bad (-2) at: Culture
Stress: [_][_]


  1. I'm enjoying these conversions. They make me want to check out FATE.

    1. I think the game, the accelerated edition at least, suits my style. Matt Jackson is doing some cool stuff with traditional fantasy that looks pretty great. We finally get a chance to test the game at my table in two weeks. Fate Accelerated can be had for free at the Evil Hat website and a print version is $5.

  2. PS...I am glad you like them. I am trying to get extra mileage out of my comics, which seem to be rather costly these days when you read three or four titles per week. Ugh!