Saturday, August 3, 2013

Conversion Experience: Sheltered #1

In an attempt to tie comics and games together, I am beginning a series called "Conversion Experience" that will translate material from the funny books I read into game content. 

Sheltered #1
Image; July 2013; $3.99

Sheletered, a pre-apocalyptic tale, presents a group of murderous teens and tweens, who have taken over their parents' doomsday compound. Wait? Doomsday prepping has the potential to go wrong when you combine marginalized people, lots of guns and a bit of paranoia? Oh yeah.

     For today's Conversion Experience, I'd like to create a quick set of details using Fate Accelerated for the doomsday complex in the comic, which is called Safe Haven.

a locale for Fate Accelerated

You have to die so that we can live.
     Adults are expendable so that there are more resources available for the youth. 

No one gets in. No one gets out. 
     Safe Haven is a stronghold, but also a kind of prison.

Guns and paranoia everywhere you look.
     Never a good mix.

     The above aspects can be tagged by characters and NPCs in Safe Haven.

     Alternatively, I approached Safe Haven from the perspective of sketching the area out as three zones, with an aspect for each. I'm not sure which is the better or more proper approach according to the rules. 


  1. Digging FAE, eh? I just ordered the softcover to take another look at it....all your fault! :)

    1. I think FAE is the only kind of Fate I might be able to handle and I won't know for sure until I try out in actual play.

      I have read Fate Core and played Dresden Files and really, really struggled. With FAE you can make a character in about 20 minutes and start jamming, as opposed to spending one or two sessions on city and char gen.

      The trick, it seems, is trying getting used to handling aspects, approaches, compels and stress (and stress consequences) on the fly. Like Monsterhearts I think it has the potential to be awesome for dramatic style play, but it also might be so different from any game previously played to be unwieldy and weird.

      Still, $5 for FAE and $4 for four FUDGE dice seems like a decent entertainment value. :)