Monday, August 12, 2013

Conversion Experience: The Mysterious Strangers #2

The Mysterious Strangers #2
Oni Press; August 2013; $3.99

The Mysterious Strangers encounter something even more bizarre than themselves on a small, Caribbean island! Referred to as symbiotes by the alien intelligence of a crashed spaceship, the green-skinned entities are explorers and scientists. They act as they hands and eyes of the alien mind that lives in the flying saucer-like vessel.

     Interestingly, the alien intelligence that resides in the spacecraft is able to exude energy that can turn humans into symbiotes. The alien mind does so not out of malice, but in a desperate attempt to find power to recharge the spacecraft's batteries so that it can once again travel to worlds beyond worlds and complex geometries.

Explorer of worlds beyond worlds and complex geometries

Skilled (+2) at: Science, grappling
Bad (-2) at: Diplomacy
Stress: [_][_]

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