Sunday, July 28, 2013

Order of the d30: Tybalt’s Bountiful Belt Pouch

During his long and lucrative career as an explorer, Tybalt the Halfling acquired many rare and wondrous items.

     One of his more quirky finds was an enchanted belt pouch. It’s only possible to open the pouch twice a day - once before noon and once after noon. The pouch cannot be opened twice in the morning or twice after lunch. As for the nighttime, the pouch is stubborn and can’t be opened without damaging it. It’s magic only seems to work during daylight hours.

     Upon opening the pouch, a random item will present itself. The item found can be determined on the table below. While coins and other objects can be placed in the pouch, they will disappear and be forever lost.

Roll 1d30
1. Ripe, juicy apple
2. Seven sticks of cinnamon
3. Six oz. flask of whiskey
4. Ink and quill
5. Packet of oats for oatmeal (1 serving)
6. Fishing hook, line and float
7. Brass key (1 in 6 chance of opening the next locked door the PC encounters)
8. Small tin cup
9. Small round of goat cheese
10. Handful of rock candies
11. Small metal mirror
12. Three silver coins
13. Needle and thread
14. Signal whistle
15. Sharp paring knife
16. Five glass beads worth 1 sp total
17. Spicy pork sausage link
18. Live, squeaking mouse
19. Pair of ivory dice
20. Croaking frog
21. Small bundle of seeds (sunflowers)
22. One iron spike
23. Perfumed handkerchief
24. Lacy underpants
25. Pipe with tobacco
26. Small vial of perfume
27. Piece of ginger root
28. Pair of thick wool socks
29. Wax candle
30. Shaker of salt


  1. Feels like at least one of its previous owners was a cook!

    I like the time restriction as well.

  2. A lot of the pouch contents are yummy...although that croaking frog tastes terrible!

    1. Methinks, that the frog was not marinaded long enough in the whiskey with the cinnamon, apple, and ginger...?

      However, that would take some planning and a few days to accomplish, so best not done while on the path to adventure!

    2. Perhaps the frog could simmer in the tin cup over the coals of a fire one night?

      I would like to see the belt pouch used in a game sometime so that I could see how PCs might put the contents to creative use.

  3. Replies
    1. I think it could be a lot of fun in play, too. :)

  4. Christian, you make some of the coolest stuff. Love the wait time requirement. :)

    1. Thank you. I thought that the daylight requirement might hint at divine influence, perhaps a deity of the sun?

      On those rare occasions when I was able to play, I loved doing inventory of my character's stuff. I would detail what was in each container and noted how much each one weighed and how my encumbrance would be affected by dropping one or more backpacks, pouches, etc. I dunno, I guess my PCs were very organized hoarders. At any rate, I think this pouch is the kind of thing one of my PCs would have loved.

      "You can have your regular ol' +1 sword. I just found me an apple in this here pouch!"