Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shudde M'ell Confidential; Pacific Palisades and Nathaniel Eisen

Our story begins in the highlands above Santa Monica Bay in Pacific Palisades. The Pacific Palisades was founded by Dr. Charles Holmes Scott - a Methodist reverend - in the early 1920s. He wanted the Palisades to embody the ideals of the Chautauqua movement, which was popular at the time. The Chautauqua movement was an adult education philosophy from the east coast that hoped to inspire the common man through philosophy, music and intelligent discourse. Dr. Scott envisioned the Palisades as a spiritual and intellectual community.

     The first neighborhood built in the Palisades was designed with narrow streets and small lots upon which were constructed modest craftsman-style bungalows. Intended for retired clergy, widows and missionaries, the initial tract of homes was eventually purchased by a varied group of Angelinos eager for bulicoc, seaside living. This neighborhood is referred to as “The Alphabet Streets” as they were named for religious leaders in alphabetical order.

     In one such home on Kagawa Street dwells our first character, Nathaniel Eisen. Nathaniel Eisen Nathaniel Eisen is a screenwriter who recently sold a script to Mascot Pictures. Titled “The Long Horizon”, the film is about a group of outlaws who run afoul of a Native American medicine man. The medicine man curses the outlaws, causing them to prey upon one another while under the sway of intense hallucinations.

     The script’s concept is a bit bizarre, yet it remains in line with Mascot Picture’s reputation as a producer of B-westerns. It also reflects Nathaniel’s interests in all things metaphysical and spiritual.

     Nathaniel is a friendly, engaging fellow who possesses a keen intellect and feverish work ethic. While some might consider him eccentric, others appreciate his colorful nature. Originally from Philadelphia, Nathaniel came west to make a career in Hollywood and to take advantage of the more liberal social mores.

     Once every two weeks Nathaniel hosts an informal gathering of friends at his home. Over glasses of bootleg gin and music on the phonograph, all manner of topics are discussed. The attendees are as eclectic as the subject matter. It is assumed that the investigators will be frequent guests to Nathaniel’s soirĂ©es. Due to the rather inconvenient location of the Palisades, perhaps the attendees stay overnight or more likely they camp at a nearby car park in Santa Monica Canyon.

     In the next installment, we’ll learn about Mr. Eisen’s recent brush with mind-bending terror as he gazed at the moon through his backyard telescope. For now, his statistics will have to suffice.

Age 32, Screenwriter 

Strength 9
Constitution 10
Power 12
Dexterity 10
Appearance 10
Size 12
Intelligence 15
Education 17
Sanity 60
Idea 75%
Luck 60%
Knowledge 85%
Damage Bonus none
Hit Points 11
Magic Points 12

Astronomy 40%
Credit Rating 40%
Drive Auto 40%
Fast Talk 60%
History 60%
Law 30%
Library Use 50%
Language (Spanish) 40%
Occult 30%
O.L. (English) 85%
Persuade 60%
Psychology 40%
Swim 60%

Fist/Punch 50%, Damage 1d3, 1 attack per round, Range touch

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